It’s ok to be Different~a Photoshoot

So many people are embarrassed of who they are, their personality. I’m telling you… that it’s okay.


It’s okay to like school.DSC01477.JPG


It’s okay to have red hair and freckles. DSC01482.JPGIt’s okay to dress differently.DSC01492.JPG

It’s okay to play with dolls. DSC01496.JPG

It’s okay to have unusual hobbies.DSC01497.JPG

It’s okay to have an imaginary friend.DSC01510.JPGIt’s okay to be silly sometimes.DSC01471.JPG

It’s okay to be different. Because people like you change the world.

I am not going to lie and say that I’ve never been embarrassed to still play with dolls. But now, I am not. My true friends won’t judge me. It’s not just dolls. It’s so many other things. So what if I’m weird? Who are they to judge? Exactly. Nobody.

This post was inspired by this video. Thanks for reading… Keep being the awesome people that you are! 🙂


14 thoughts on “It’s ok to be Different~a Photoshoot

    • Thank you. 😄I really felt like this needed to be said. When I first found AG blogs, I was surprised by how many there were and the creativity. I suddenly wasn’t afraid to tell people I like dolls, and most of my friends are pretty understanding. 😄

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  1. That post meant alot! I am 11 and i love to play with my ag dolls infact i also have a doll blog! I have been imbarrassed soooo many times in front of people. But you are right my bestest friends will never judge! -❤mia

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    • Thank you, Lily! I am not the kind of person who likes to advertise that I’m different, but I am, and I’ve learned t0 accept it. There is nothing you shouldn’t be, and there’s nothing you can’t be. 😉

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