Blue Eyes, Blue Skies~ a Photoshoot

The sky doesn’t look blue in my pictures, (except for the last one) but the title I came up with just sounded really cool. 😛DSC01699DSC01703.JPGDSC01705.JPGDSC01709.JPG

I love this one! DSC01696DSC01710.JPGDSC01712.JPGDSC01714.JPGDSC01715.JPGDSC01716.JPGDSC01717.JPG

❤ DSC01718.JPGDSC01719.JPGDSC01720.JPGDSC01725.JPGDSC01726.JPGDSC01727.JPG

🙂 Love this one, too!DSC01731.JPGHere’s what my backyard looks like. 🙂


That’s all! Be sure to tell me which picture was your favorite! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Blue Eyes, Blue Skies~ a Photoshoot

  1. Oh my gosh guys. Just going through my old posts and I found this one- I just realized how practical Saige’s outfit is. A sleeveless top and sandals in February. LOGIC. 😛


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