Life Is Sweet!~a Photoshoot

Happy March! Wow, guys, the weather has been so off and on lately! I literally took this picture two days ago,DSC01764 and today, I have this:DSC01778WOW. But yeah, lets get into another 😛 photoshoot! DSC01779.JPG

Her hair looks so cute! She reminds me of Molly!


I totally photobombed this one. xD

DSC01782DSC01783.JPGDSC01785.JPGDSC01786.JPGDSC01787.JPGWhat do you think of her bracelet? I made it!


Is that…BOKEH? YES!

DSC01791.JPGDSC01794.JPGDSC01799.JPGDSC01800.JPGDSC01801.JPGDSC01802.JPGDSC01804.JPGIt looks so mysterious and spooky…:)DSC01807.JPGI’m glad I got such a clear view of her eyes in this pic.DSC01808.JPGMy favorite! ❤

~Rutvi 😀

4 thoughts on “Life Is Sweet!~a Photoshoot

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