Amazingness, Brooke, and Clarinets

Hello, everyone! I haven’t really done much indoor photography lately and wanted to do some today. Also, do you like the title? I couldn’t think of anything more clever, so I went for an ABC kind of thing. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy the photos, I had a lot of fun posing Brooke and my clarinet. Yes, that’s right, my real clarinet is featured in these! DSC02048.JPGDSC02052.JPGI edited some of the photos, including this one, and I really like the effect!ย DSC02053.JPG


โคDSC02057.JPGDSC02059.JPGDSC02061DSC02062.JPGDSC02063.JPGDSC02064.JPGDSC02067.JPGLet me tell you a little bit about the clarinet. First of all, it has lots of keys (duh :P) and each one makes a different sound. It has 5 parts, the mouthpiece, barrel, middle, bottom part, and bell. The nose-like looking key (why am I so bad at descriptions lol) is what my band director calls the Squidward nose, and the key to the left of it he calls the Snoopy ear. On the back, shown in the picture above this one, there are 2 keys which make up the “tiki face”. Can you see it? The eyes, open mouth, and feather? If not, well, then my whole band must just be crazy. XD ย The cute names make the instrument even more fun to play, not to mention that my band director is funny and awesome!ย DSC02068.JPGI used the flash on this one and it came out very interesting. ย The shadow looks cool and I love how the keys are gleaming.ย DSC02069.JPGDSC02071.JPGDSC02073.JPG

By the way, that squishy-looking think=g is a thumb protector- I put it on the thumbrest because my fingers sometime hurt when I play. Did I mention it’s also really fun to just play with it and squish it all the time? ๐Ÿ˜€

DSC02074.JPGDSC02075.JPGDSC02061 (1).JPG



8 thoughts on “Amazingness, Brooke, and Clarinets

  1. Brooke looks good with just about anything! My favorites were 15, 16, 17, and 18. Great job on this post.
    P.S. Just wondering, how do you pronounce your name?


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