International Women’s Day

Hi everyone! As you may or may not know, yesterday was international women’s day! I think it is important to celebrate women and today I will (with permission) be reposting something I saw on Herstory AG! It’s a wonderful blog, you should really check it out. 😉

She'll Go Down In Herstory

Today is International Women’s Day! This means something different in many places throughout the world, but to me is all about celebrating that women can do anything just as well as a man. Our world is shaped by smart, strong, successful women and I think they are worth celebrating every day, not just today. I think all of the girls from the American Girl collection are a reflection of this belief, but to me, Caroline especially epitomizes these feminist values.

She is gorgeous and ladylike and is a great seamstress. She sews her own beautiful gowns…


…and also embroiders an exquisite gift for her papa–and like Caroline, it’s more than just pretty. It helps him to escape from the British! It takes a special kind of girl to pull that off!


Even though she loves to sew, Caroline can also do chores at the farm just as well as a boy…


…and isn’t afraid to…

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