Guess The Character #2

Hola everyone! 😛 I have another “Guess The Character” for you today! In case you don’t know how to play, or even if you do, here are the rules (I changed them up a little) :

  1. First person to comment on the post with the correct answer gets 1 point. I will tally up everyone’s points, and whoever has the most by the end of the month will get a shout-out or something from me.
  2. I will not be putting any tags on my “Guess The Character” posts.
  3. Do not ask for clues-you don’t get any! 😉 
  4. I will not respond to any guesses in the comments, and will instead announce the winner in my next Guess The Character post.

I will announce the winner for this one on March 16.

All righty then! XD

DSC02165.JPG You all know her-or do you? Let’s find out! Comment down below who  you think she is, and have a wonderful day.

~Rutvi ❤

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