Guess The Character #3

It’s time for another Guess The Character! But first, here is the winner from last time’s! So many of you guessed right, but there can only be one winner…DSC02165CHRISTIAN HOMESCHOOLER!

Yep, it’s Dorothy! (And Toto) 🙂 Did you notice how I set her up on the bricks for ‘Follow the yellow brick road…’ ?


Now, here’s the new picture: DSC02406.JPGPssst…. do you see what’s behind Ruthie??? FLOWERS!! XD I am so excited! It really almost feels like Spring! And since the weather was so beautiful, Ruthie got to have a mini photoshoot. DSC02413.JPGDSC02412.JPGDSC02415.JPGMy neighbor’s dog was outside, too. 😉 DSC02410.JPGDSC02403.JPGIn case you don’t know how to play “Guess The Character”, here are the rules:

  1. First person to comment on the post with the correct answer gets 1 point. I will tally up everyone’s points, and whoever has the most by the end of the month will get a shout-out or something from me.
  2. I will not be putting any tags on my “Guess The Character” posts.
  3. Do not ask for clues-you don’t get any! 😉 
  4. I will not respond to any guesses in the comments, and will instead announce the winner in my next Guess The Character post.

Good luck!

13 thoughts on “Guess The Character #3

  1. I don’t have a blog, but can I still win? I think it’s Minnie Mouse! And how many points do the people AFTER the first get? And how do you get more? I’m so confused.


    • Of course you can still win! Sorry, but only the first person to guess correctly relieves the points for that round. :/ Each time you are the first one to guess correctly on one of these posts, you earn one point.


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