Review: Truly Me #59

Hi! Today, I will be reviewing my newest doll, TM 59. She is such a cutie! I tried to put as much detail as possible into this review, so I hope you enjoy! DSC02201.JPG

DSC02209.JPGLet’s start with her facial features. She has light skin, the normal feathered eyebrows, and deep chocolaty brown eyes. (Like Julie’s) Her lips are peachy colored and she looks very innocent. 😉 DSC02211.JPGDSC02213.JPGHer hair is beautiful! It is a light brown color and has natural highlights, though they are not so noticeable as Grace Thomas’s. TM 59’s hair is really soft and I am kind of a perfectionist about it- I hate when it gets messed up. The only downside is that this happens very easily. :/ DSC02218.JPGNow for the outfit! It’s the standard Truly Me meet outfit, a lilac dress with blue flats. DSC02219.JPGThe belt has strands of sparkly gray thread woven in. It ties around the waist, giving the dress a modern look. DSC02225.JPGThe metal American Girl tag is on the bottom right corner. In this photo, you can also see the pinkish tulle with sequins on top. DSC02240.JPGHer underwear is…nothing special. It’s a pinkish color with a white trim. Just something I noticed- my Saige’s underwear has these little things sticking out from the side and looks sort of strange when she wears leggings. These undies don’t really have that, thankfully.

DSC02238.JPGHer left hand feels rougher than any of my other dolls’, and if you look very closely, you can see a thumbprint. It’s hard to tell from this photo, though. I’d also read about this on another blog, when another doll was being reviewed. I think my friend’s Grace doll has this, too, so it might just be the newer dolls. Not all dolls have this, probably. I like her hand, it makes her even more special. DSC02231.JPGHer sparkly blue flats are easy to get on and off and match with tons of other outfits. Well, that wraps up my review! Extra photos: DSC02214.JPGDSC02230.JPGDSC02235.JPGDSC02236.JPGBye!

Oh, and random fact: I got contact lenses! My eyes kinda hurt, I’m still getting used to them, but I’m glad I don’t have to wear my glasses all the time.

~Rutvi ❤

~Brooke ❤

17 thoughts on “Review: Truly Me #59

  1. With the thumbprints, do you mean that the dolls now have their own fingerprints? Or that a factory worker’s thumbprint left a mark on her hand? I am going to have to look for this on my dolls. Great review, I love in depth and lots of photos. As always, love reading your blog.

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