Some News

Hi, here are some things I just want you to know.

  1. Maddie @ Dollsonmymind is having an amazing giveaway at her blog! Just click on the link. She is celebrating her 2nd blogiversary. ☺️
  2. I have named my horse!! Everybody, welcome…Gingersnap!! Thank you to Daisymermaid for suggesting it.
  3. I have added a new menu called ‘Meet Our Pets‘. Go check it out!
  4. I’m planning a photostory series for summer. (YAY!)
  5. I have 36 followers!! How did that happen so fast?! Thank you guys SO much! ❤


Sorry for the super short post, but I’m preparing a photostory for you guys, so you can expect to see that soon. 😉


~Rutvi ❤


6 thoughts on “Some News

  1. Congratulations on 36 followers, that’s great!!:D I can’t wait to see what your photostory series is gonna be about!:)


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