A Doll Cooked and Didn’t Fail?!

Hello again! It’s me, Brookie Cookie Brooke, and I’m making dinner for my sisters. Here are my ingredients, all ready to go: *Rutvi’s note: I have no idea how to cook and I probably got the ingredients wrong, but whatever.DSC04153DSC04152DSC04154DSC04155

Why are there grapes? Idk it just looks fancy. DSC04139.JPGOh yeah, and you can’t forget that you have to look the part, too. ☺️DSC04158.JPGSo, yeah, just a little of this… and a little bit of that… and…DSC04161.JPGTa-da!!!! Dinner is served!!

There have been many…mutations when dolls cook… like that one. Oh, and this one… (I’m not complaining though, because pizza is awesome) But, actually, my sisters and I ate my pasta, and none of us exploded or anything, so I guess it was pretty good! XD

Bonus Pictures:



Hello there, Brooke is finally done with her post so I can edit it now. 😉 I think I’m on a streak for making random posts lately… 😛

*Drops mic*



~Rutvi ❤

11 thoughts on “A Doll Cooked and Didn’t Fail?!

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