Early Morning Beauty~a Photoshoot

Hello! It was so pretty outside today, I just had to get some pictures of Brooke before I went to school. Enjoy the photos of my little Early Morning Beauty. 😉 DSC04220.JPGDSC04221.JPGDSC04218.JPGDSC04222.JPGDSC04227.JPGDSC04226.JPGDSC04224DSC04225DSC04217.JPGDSC04219.JPGAuf Wiedersehen! 


Who is the next doll (s) you want to get?

~Rutvi ❤

23 thoughts on “Early Morning Beauty~a Photoshoot

  1. Those are super pretty! I want to get Lea Clark for my birthday, I’m currently saving up for Julie Albright, and after I get those 2 I either want a girl/girl set of bitty twins or Truly Me 44!

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  2. You made that shirt? It’s adorable! Love the pics! We (as in my daughter and I) are currently deciding whether we would like Maryellen or Lea Clark. Maryellen is my fave, but Lea is only here for one year! Decisions, decisions. haha! 🙂

    ginnie / fakingitmostly.com

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    • Thank you so, SO much! You’re so sweet. Well, I only glued on the felt designs. 😛
      I know, right? Before I bought Brooke, there were a million dolls that I loved- I couldn’t choose! Finally, I decided that I wanted a TM doll and finally settled on this cutie. 😉


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