Falcon Fanfare~a Photoshoot

Confused? Probably. 🙂

So, Falcon Fanfare is a piece of music that I’m going to be playing at my band concert tonight. I thought it kind of fit with the pictures. 🙂DSC04415DSC04416DSC04420DSC04422DSC04423DSC04424Ooh, I love this picture. 😉DSC04425DSC04426DSC04427DSC04428DSC04430DSC04431DSC04434DSC04436DSC04438DSC04440DSC04437

Saige sounds so much better on her guitar after all that practice! And- I think I’m ready, too. I had an early rehearsal this morning, and I Facetimed my friend when I got back from school to run through our pieces. 🙂

Gotta run! Bye!

~Rutvi ❤  Saige<3

13 thoughts on “Falcon Fanfare~a Photoshoot

  1. Wow! I just listened to it on Youtube! It was GREAT!Oh and by the way.. MY BAND TEACHER PICKED ME TO GO TO HONOR BAND! YAY! Honor band is a thing in my district where about five people from each school get picked to go to our highschool and play some challenging songs. Our director will be our middle school band director! I’m so excited! Here are our pieces:

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