Brooke’s Outdoorsy Weekend

Hello, hello!

You know how most moms have to go up and tell their kids to go outside and play? Not with me! I’m actually pretty proud of that. I’m a nature lover and decided to spend my Saturday outdoors. DSC04464DSC04466DSC04465DSC04469DSC04474Lil’ Lissie came out to play, too. 😉 DSC04480DSC04481DSC04479DSC04484DSC04485Life’s good, Lissie…Life is good. 😛DSC04490DSC04491DSC04492***

Hi everyone! I, like Brooke, spent my Saturday afternoon outside- taking pictures.  It was a lot of fun, and, yes, I did put Brooke in a tree for the last two pictures, though if I hadn’t done that with my other dolls ages ago, I probably wouldn’t have in fear of my new doll getting any scuffs or scratches. 🙂



~Rutvi ❤


🙂 ❤ 🙂


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