Sisters~a mini AGPS

Okay, I thought these photos were pretty adorable and couldn’t wait to show them to you. Let me know how you liked them in the comments. πŸ™‚DSC04385DSC04387DSC04388 ❀DSC04394DSC04401DSC04400DSC04398DSC04396DSC04390Do you have any AG mini dolls?

~Rutvi ❀


28 thoughts on “Sisters~a mini AGPS

  1. These are soooo cute! Wonderful photos!
    Quick question: I see you have the new Felicity mini doll. What book did she come with? What does it look like?
    Thanks Rutvi!
    ~Grace ❀

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  2. Nice photos! I love the mini dolls. Our mini dolls are super sneaky. They like to get into things and make mischief. LOL! We are going to be keeping a closer eye on them from now on. πŸ™‚

    ginnie /

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