The Saige Siege

Haha, hey guys! Today I’m going to be doing another outtakes post, but they are all pictures of Saige that I never posted. You can see my first outtakes post here. I call it the Saige Siege because it’s an overload of pictures and it kind of reminds me of our Middle Ages unit in social studies. 🙂 Let’s take a look, shall we?

This is a photostory I made when I was having a lazy day called: Saige’s Guide to Being Lazy 

*snore* This is legit advice on how to have a perfect lazy day, because why not?

So the first thing, which might be totes obvi-is SLEEP! Embrace the laziness. Become the laziness. Worship the laziness.

The next thing you have to do is go on the computer and read this post. It’s not a perfect lazy day unless you do this.

Your next job is to pig out on junk food. Next, visit Youtube and do something useful.

Haha! You didn’t think I was actually being serious, did you? NO WAY. What you’re supposed to do is watch videos of screaming goats. Duh.Bye, and did you learn something new about being lazy? 😛

OH, and who wan’t a behind the scenes pic? I was listening to a song from Taylor Swift’s album Red. Which song do you think it was? Post your guesses in the comments! 🙂

Despite the awful pictures (the lighting in my room is very unnatural and weird when I turn the lights on) I think it was pretty funny. And actually, do tell me what song you think I could have been listening to you. I’m curious to see if one of you gets it right. 😉

Next is a photoshoot!


❤ More old photos, all taken on weird camera settings. 😉 

Every. Single. Photoshoot. 

Git yer carrots here. XD

Ewww, so blurry.Much better! (I actually really ❤ this picture.)

*GASP* I took this the day I got Gingersnap, my horse!!! ❤ ❤ I know he hasn’t been featured on here a lot, but expect a photostory with him in it, coming this summer!


Are you going to watch Finding Dory? 


17 thoughts on “The Saige Siege

  1. Guide to Being Lazy… Hm, it sounds like something Bethany would enjoy very much… 🙂
    I am TOTALLY going to watch Finding Dory. I’ve seen all the clips and trailers because I’m SUPER EXCITED!!! If you can’t tell. XD My mom wants to watch it for her birthday.

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