Review: PWP Summer Hoodie Set


Sorry XD my brother’s eating watermelon so…yeah!

Hey, everyone! Arianna requested a review of this outfit, so here it is. But before we get into that, I just want to ask: How many of you can see the pictures in my latest posts? I can usually see them just fine but once in a while I can’t.I don’t know what’s up with that, does anyone know how to fix it? :O I just really hope I figure it out because I spend a lot of time taking pictures and even longer putting them into the post.  Christian Homeschooler suggested it might be because some people are not logged into a google account. So I logged out of mine, and then I couldn’t see the pictures. So maybe you are right about that…I’m so sorry! I am trying to fix it, I promise. 🙂


Let’s start with the top.

It is a white sleeveless hoodie, made with stretchy ribbed material. It’s fairly easy to put on, and it’s not bulky at all.The hood came like this, folded to one side. I like it flat because when I tried to unfold it, It looked like an empty little bag so I just kept it this way.  You could probably straighten it, though. You can see that it comes that way by looking at the pictures from the AG website.This polka-dotted fabric lines the inside of the hood. The hood on Ruthie’s head. It sort of messed up her hair, and who needs a hood in summer? But I guess it’s cute. It gives her a kind of tough look, which I like.

Closeup of the design. There’s a small blue AG tag. Some AG outfits have the standard metal tag, while some have a cloth one. The skirt has a tag identical to the one on the shirt. It’s sorta kinda unnecessary. It’s made of the same material lining the hoodie, and I like that. Lastly, the bracelet! It’s made of colorful beads and elastic cord. It matches the shirt perfectly: It’s a fun and summery accessory. Plus, it can be worn as an anklet! 🙂 

Footsies! 😛



Practicality: 3/5 (You could make the bracelet yourself, and the skirt’s  a little too short.)

Cuteness: 5/5

Worth it: 4/5 (While it’s VERY cute and summery, it doesn’t come with shoes. But considering it was a PWP and costed less, I will say it was worth the $$$.) 🙂

Realistic: 5/5 {Meaning would I wear it or not (Yes!)

Extra pics:

I hope that was helpful, and as always, feel free to request any post in the comments! I’m always happy to do reviews or any other post.

Ending post #80 on my blog,

P.S.Look out for a few surprises…coming soon to  So Sugar Sweet! 🙂


23 thoughts on “Review: PWP Summer Hoodie Set

  1. I was just eating watermelon too! :O 😂 Thanks for doing a review! That outfit is really cute. 🙂

    I have never had a problem seeing your photos, but I am logged into a google account, so…


  2. Hi Rutvi! 🙂 Have you been using my photo space tutorial to upload your photos? I can see your photos, but I might know what’s going on!

    -Clara ❤


      • Okay! Let’s see if I can explain this: 😛

        Go into Google Drive.
        Go into your Google Photos folder.
        Click the little icon of two people next to the words “Google Photos” in the upper left corner.
        Click “Advanced” in the lower right corner of the box that appears.
        Click the blue words “Change…”
        Select “On- Public on the web”
        Click “Done”

        I mentioned this in my tutorial, but maybe it wasn’t clear? 🙂 I had this same thing happen to me, and that fixed it! Hope it helps you!

        -Clara ❤

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