What Does This Mean?

Every time I post something on BAAG, it says, “the disk quota for Buzz About AG is full.” What does that mean? Have the photos in my latest posts been available? And how do you delete media files? If I delete some, will I be able to upload photos the normal way instead of through Google Drive? I know I’m out of storage space, is that why I get this notification.

That was a lot of questions…

Hopefully I can figure this out. 😊 Rutvi


New Sign-Offs For All The Girls

Today I made some sign-offs for the dolls on my blog, since some of my upcoming posts will be written by them.



Whose is your favorite?

Also, just to give you a quick schedule on where I’m going to be with blogging the next few days:

  • Tomorrow, I’m going to post pictures of my Pusheen stuffed animal on So Sugar Sweet.
  • August 8 is when I get back from vacation, and I will be starting the Dollympics August 9. Read THIS POST. (I updated it with some exciting news!)
  • I don’t know how many posts I’ll be able to do on So Sugar Sweet when I start the Dollympics, but I will do one big post with a ton of pictures.
  • Expect a Back-To-School Series coming soon to a blog near you! 😉

Which TM doll is your favorite?


~Rutvi ❤

My thoughts: Lea Clark

Julia shares some of her thoughts about Lea in this wonderful post. At first, I didn’t see anything I didn’t like about the 2016 Girl of the Year, but now I realize that everything Julia wrote is so true! After reading this you might not looooove and drool over Lea anymore. SORRY, Lea! 😉

Love My Dollies

Hello Internet!

Don’t get me wrong I love Lea, the actor and the doll are both very pretty and I like the outfits and stuff, but I do have some issues with Lea.

1. The actress, doll, and girl from the book look NOTHING alike.


Tan with elbow length caramel hair she looks like 9 or 10


White with a little tan and her hair ombres from brown at the top to blond and she looks like 13


She is SO pale, her hair looks like blond with a little red mixed in and it goes to her shoulders, and she looks like shes 7.

Nice job.

2. The storyline.

Let’s go save your brother (who looks like a woman) from the Brazilian peeps while being really racist towards them.


It’s just not okay.

I seriously think AG is running low on ideas. Like every girl of the year has…

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The 2016 Dollympics

Hi, everyone, I’m really sorry for abandoning blogging for almost 2 weeks. When I get back from vacation on August 8, I’m going to start something called the Dollympics. Each day I’ll post a mini photostory/photoshoot centered around a different sport. Just thought I’d give you a heads-up on that! Your job will be to give the doll an Olympics Score for each performance.

ALSO, I will be teaming up with Ginnie at Faking it Mostly and Meg and Michelle from Canadian Doll Notebook for the Dollympics! I was ecstatic that they asked me, and we have been hard at work planning.


Questions? I’d be happy to answer. 🙂

Let the dollympics begin!

~Rutvi ❤

Stylish Sriracha Skirt~a Photoshoot

I’m pretty sure you’re used to my weird titles, so you know the drill- DON’T ASK. XD

Hi everyone! My friends(they’re twins) came over a couple of days ago, and they brought their dolls.Their brother is a REALLY good photographer, so they were very helpful! After we styled Em’s hair, we took her out for a photoshoot. The photos are taken on my phone, but let me know how you liked them!

Does she remind you of someone in this pic? (First person to comment the correct answer gets a guest post-just for fun! :D)

~Rutvi ❤


What to do When Your AG Doll Get’s Wet-No Removing Limbs or Hair Dryers

Reblogging this from Sam’s blog, Agdollawesome. It’s a super helpful post! Just a side note from me- if you do wash your doll’s hair, tape cotton balls over her eyes and be careful not to get her super wet!


Hello there!   A few days ago, while the dolls were playing D&G in the river, Emily was very clumsy and fell into the river!  I’ve watched all the YouTube videos there is on what to do when this happens, and the all involve removing limbs or hair dryers!  I don’t think I would ever touch a doll again if I had to remove it’s head, and I really don’t want to risk the hair dryer.  So when Emily fell in, I decided to come up with a way to not do those things!  So here we are!  Be sure to reblog this post so others can see it too!  Let’s get started!

image1.  Act Fast

Luckily, the catastrophe happened at the last scene on the photo story, so all the other dolls were already out of the river.  I managed to snap a picture of her in the water…

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The Star-Spangled Sister~ a Photostory

“Do you see her anywhere?”

“Nope.” Ruthie and Brooke sighed impatiently.

They were waiting for me, since I was riding Gingersnap in the 4th of July parade.I pulled my loyadorable horse along (I made up that word. It’s loyal and adorable put together.) I was decked out in patriotic clothes and excited.“Heeeerreee, Gingie….” I heard the familiar crunching sound of Gingersnap biting a bright, red apple.Brooke pointed. “Look, there she is!’I then mounted my horse and gently steered her forward. “Good boy!” Out of nowhere, my sisters started screaming. “Saigie! Saigie, we’re over here!” I groaned. Not only were they totally embarrassing me by using my childish nickname, they were making Gingie nervous.I cupped my hand and politely waved hello, but they continued to jump up and down.

Suddenly, Gingie gave a snort and tossed his head. He was getting riled up and distracted and I debated whether or not to pull the reins harder to control her. That wouldn’t have worked. I found myself ungracefully jerked away and carried towards Brooke and Ruthie. They were acting like crazy people.  They thought this was part of the show!

I finally got him to stop. “What do you want?” I asked. ” You guys massed up my part of the parade!”

“I don’t think anyone noticed,” Brooke said quietly.

“I’M LEADING THE PARADE! OF COURSE THEY NOTICED!” I exploded. She blinked and shrunk back a little.I’d done the wrong thing. I’d have to apologize later, though-the parade was waiting. Ruthie seemed to be in no hurry as she combed out Gingie’s mane. I was getting very annoyed. “Hurry up, will you?!” Ruthie chuckled. “We always wait for you to brush your hair before we go anywhere. Chill.”

Finally, Gingersnap’s brown mane gleamed and was parade-ready.

I wasn’t…yet.

“Hey, guys….I said sheepishly. Want to lead the parade with me?”

They smiled and gave me a thumbs-up.

“Okay, then. Let’s do this.”

Behind the scenes/bloopers: Hehe, like my ring? 😛 XD

I saw a pretty yellow canary when I was taking the pictures for this post! 🙂 ❤ Saige dropped the reins. Oh dear.


It was a bit awkward taking photos of my dolls on the street in front of my house, and it took a long time for the setup. I definitely got some what is she doing??? kind of stares from people but I didn’t mind too much.

Happy Fourth of July from the crew at Buzz About AG!