A Royal Dream-Part 2

Prologue: In the tree sat a dragon. A small one, mind you, and it would never eat anyone. Ever. Perhaps it was because his wings were weak. Nevertheless, Sir Azul was a brave dragon…Sir Azul’s eyes swept the area as he sat in the tree. For miles, all he could see was grass. But something glinting among the grass caught his eye…
And so of course he was curious, and he did something he didn’t know he could do. He took off, and he flew.

The great majestic creature soared away, his beautiful wings sparkling in the morning sun.

Finally he reached the sparkly thing. He bent down and sniffed it until he figured out what it was. A tiara. Even Sir Azul knew how valuable they were, and that if a princess lost a tiara, the whole kingdom would be angry at her.
So he did the kind thing to do, and picked it up with his tail and flew away in search of a crownless princess.
Sir Azul was beginning to get tired. His wings flopped heavily, and he gasped for breath. The tiara, made entirely of pure silver and gems, weighed down his tail.
Alas, soon came a strange sight. A girl…in a dress…standing in the middle of the forest. What?
Then he realized. It was a princess. He had expected to find her in the castle, but dropped the tiara by her side anyways.
Brooke Rosalie was bewildered. Where had the tiara come from? She’d flung it so far into the woods. Then she realized. It wasn’t proper of a princess to do that! And she’d be in great trouble if the kingdom found out.

So she gratefully nestled the crown on her head.

But soon, the princess heard a sickening thud.
Brooke ran, and saw a blue dragon lying on the pavement, its wings wrapped around its body.

He was undoubtedly in pain.

Brooke leaned over. “Hello, may I help?”
“Yes. I am Sir Azul, and I was flying for the first time today… I don’t know what happened. Oh! There was this tiara…I carried it, then threw it down near some girl….wait…was it you?”
From the tree above, someone was watching.

Wise Old Owl. Everyone knew Wise Old Owl and respected him. He was the king of the forest. He wasted no time in crowns and celebrations, he was a straight-to-the-point kind of guy… er, owl? So while the princess tried to comfort the helpless dragon, he swooped down. “Princess, pick up Sir Azul.” Brooke did as he said, even though she had no idea who the owl was. This creature needed help ASAP. She grunted with the creature’s weight.
“Now lay him down to sleep.” Wise Old Owl instructed.

After finding the softest, most abundant patch of leaves, she did. Wise Old Owl smiled. “There, he shall heal on his own. What a bad fall that was…I saw it and heard it from miles away.

Instinctively, Brooke Rosalie threw her arms around Wise Old Owl. “Thank you. I just feel so awful. Sir Azul got hurt saving my tiara.
“Think of it this way.” The owl said. “He saved your tiara, and together we saved him. All right?”
The princess smiled. “All right.”


…of Brooke’s dream.ย 

Brooke yawned. She had finally woken up, and no, she did not wake up like this:

Instead, her blankets were carelessly tossed around her, and her pillow lay on the floor. Her sister Ruthie’s voice rang out from downstairs. “BROOKE! YOU HAVE FIVE MINUTES BEFORE YOUR BUS GETS HERE! GET UP AND GET READY!!!”
What a royal way to wake up.

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