What it’s REALLY like to be an AG blogger

Hey guys! Today I want to do something different. As I was outside, taking pictures for a photoshoot, I realized how hard it is to be a blogger- that too, one for American Girl Dolls. So here’s an inside scoop on what it’s like! This is a new series on BOTH of my blogs. Yeppers peppers, you heard right! 🌢🌢🌢

On Buzz About AG AND Capturing & Creating, I will be posting things such as behind-the-scenes of how my posts are made, and how me & other bloggers make decisions for our blogs.

Without further ado, here’s some info on what the AGBC {American Girl Blogging Community} is like!

First of all, getting dolls dressed. You know how models have a whole hair and makeup team? Yeah, for us AGBs, we are the whole hair and makeup team.Β We have to pick an outfit, pick a hairstyle that goes with it, and make sure the outfit compliments the doll. Picking outfits is one of my favorite parts of doing a photoshoot, actually- but it’s definitely hard. Look what my room turns into:

(Saige is half-naked because I wanted Brooke to wear the pants she had on. πŸ˜› )

Look at all those clothes and accessories, though!

So here is problems in an actual photoshoot.

I’m pretty sure this amazing, totally not-out-of-focus pic of my shoe was taken (on accident) when I was picking Brooke up. That’s right…she fell. Which leads to the next thing: AG dolls not being able to stand! Everyone likes a picture of a doll when she looks like a real human, right? Doing a cute pose, or something? Well, that’s what I tried to do. I left Brooke standing on her own for a couple milliseconds while I grabbed Praline the cat for one shot. She was perfectly sturdy. But as I ran back to set Praline next to her owner…she was gone. Horrified, I looked over the edge and sure enough, there was Brooke, lying facedown on the ground, centimeters away from a bush and fallen tree branches. “No….nonononononono!” I moaned. I quickly grabbed Brooke and flipped her to face me. A smudge of dirt smeared her nose, and her hair stood up in all sorts of directions. Water from the fresh snow had gathered on one side of her face, and her earmuffs lay off to the side, completely yanked off her head.
All the preparation that goes into getting your doll ready can be ruined in seconds. Thankfully, I was able to wipe off the dirt and fix her hair.
Doll clothes are NOTHING against Mother Nature. They don’t protect them, they just look cute. Brooke’s leggings are soaked. :/ πŸ˜›


^^see the water??

Also, I was busy trying to be a ninja while taking photos. (Don’t tell me you’ve never done this.) I am SUCH a good multitasker! Β Look at what I was doing:
  • Trying not to get my boots dirty
  • Freezing because the gloves I put on provide no protection whatsoever
  • Trying extra hard not to drop or ruin the camera
  • Holding a doll and a cat
  • Walking through the snow (I like to take minimal steps, and if I ever have to walk around, I just step back on those same footprints. Yaknowhatimsayin???)

GOING OUT IN THE FREEZING COLD OR SWELTERING HEAT. All you AGBs have been there. When you look out your window and think, “Oh, {doll’s name} would look really cute sitting by that plant.” Or, “Imagine the artsy (ish) and adorable photos I can take with {doll’s name} playing in the snow!”
So yes, the pictures might be great, but what’s gone through to get them…

You might have to sweat your face off (is that possible?) while your doll refuses to stand in the prickly grass.
Or you’ll get hypothermia. JUST KIDDING! You’ll just have numb fingers. But still.
And if you’re wondering what I looked like when Brooke was outside looking all cute in her little outfit, you should stop.Β I had on my jacket, bright blue pajama pants, boots, useless gloves, and my mom’s purple hat.

Now for the last part: people seeing you take pictures. When I was out taking the pics for this AGPS, my neighbor, who was sitting in his backyard, yelled, “Are you taking pictures of me or the doll?” And for the 4th of July parade pics, which I had to take in the front yard, there were so many cars driving by. I even had to take a bunch of photos on the road, so I kept having to move my stuff (I WAS CARRYING A FAKE HORSE, DO YOU KNOW HOW CRAZY I LOOKED) back to the sidewalk. I got a lot of weird looks from strangers then.Β Also, during the You Belong With Me photoshoot, there’s that one scene where Taylor and the guy are sitting on the bench talking, and then the guy’s girlfriend appears. That part was also shot in my front yard & on the street.

Yep, she’s definitely crazy. People probably thought.
As I was going inside after finally finishing the parade pics, three dolls and a horse tucked under my arm, a guy on a run looked up, made eye contact with me, and then his face twisted into a confused expression. I hurried inside. That was really weird. Bleeeehhhh.

Then there’s the whole thing about uploading pictures, which takes forever. (Btw, the rest of Brooke’s photoshoot will be up soon)

Whelp, all in all, being an AGB is very fun and rewarding, but there’s a whole bunch of things that goes into it.

Like this post? Let me know by dropping me a comment!Β 

~Rutvi ❀

30 thoughts on “What it’s REALLY like to be an AG blogger

  1. heehee! so true, especily the getting them dressed part. and luckily I have a huuuuuuge yard, and like, nobody is outside to see me, so I’m good. XD
    Most crazily, ~Olive

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha! I totally relate to all of this! Great post! I’ve gotten so I care a lot less about people looking at me with my dolls, though. I do have a tip for you to help out with the face-plant issue–stick something in the ground behind your doll to help her stand up. I usually use a long screwdriver, but sometimes I use a bamboo skewer or even a stick. You can easily hide the object behind her leg if you are careful and use the right angle. I do this for all of my outdoor photoshoots and my dolls are very appreciative of no longer worrying about falling on their face! πŸ˜‰

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  3. SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve spent more time on my dolls hair, makeup, and clothes than I have on a human. Also the looks you get for taking pictures of dolls are hysterical! πŸ˜€


  4. This is very relatable! I remember doing my series on sock clothing and Clara’s hair being so hard to manage because of the numerous times I changed her. I was pretty exhausted of changing her by the time that was over!
    Ah, yes! People watching! I haven’t really had any bad experiences, but I do tend to get really nervous to leave the safety of my backyard. XD


  5. Ooh! I’m excited to see Brooke’s photoshoot. I totally relate with you! It’s like, you have the camera all focused and the doll posed right and the lighting is perfect and then… the doll falls on her face. *facepalm*


  6. I definitely can relate to you! Like the weird looks I’ve gotten from neighbors.. One time a girl that goes to my school was walking by while I was taking pictures and I tried to hide my doll behind a bush before she saw her, but I’m not quite sure it worked.. Also I’m kind of really glad I live in Florida after I saw this post, because like I don’t have to deal with getting my dolls wet in the snow! The only bad thing about that is, I don’t get to take snow pictures and they are always so pretty! ~Julia ❀


  7. This is so true! I haven’t been doing this for a long time (less then a year for actually posting them on my blog) but I get it. So far not to many weird looks (I don’t always look. ;))


  8. Yes, yes, yes!! πŸ˜€ Or… your mom looks out of the kitchen window and you’re hanging upside down of the huge rock in your front yard to try to get the PERFECT angle of the doll that is precariously perched upon a branch. That actually has not happened all in ONE time, but something like that. πŸ™‚ I haven’t gotten up the courage to climb a tree with a camera in my hand, though it would look REALLY pretty! I wish I had snow to work in (crazy hot winters. :/)!
    ~ Light4theLord

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  9. This is SO true! I’m always hesitant to take my dolls anywhere cause I don’t wanna get weird looks. I take all my pictures in my backyard where I am safe from judgmental stares. XD


  10. These are all SO TRUE! and Rutvi, I’ll give you a Californian Blogger AG inside take, CALIFORNIA DOESN’T GET SNOW! *sobs* Well, I guess frosty grass will have to do. ;(
    My room is a mess right now for changing my dolls, but if you don’t want your doll clothes to get too unorganized, I suggest putting your dolls back into their meet outfits when you’re done taking pictures, it helps me A LOT!


  11. lol! I can relate too. I was once trying to take a picture of one of my dolls, and her hair was all perfectly pretty, and her outfit was super adorable. Then all of a sudden a huge gust of wind came and knocked my doll over (while my back was turned) and her hair and top got covered in these prickly plants, and when I turned around my doll was a mess!! The struggles are real! πŸ™‚


  12. Everytime I go outside to take pics of my dolls suddenly my life becomes very interesting for my younger neighbors so I have decided to always take pictures on the safety of my porch. Great job on the post!


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