My Trip to The AG Store- 1/1/17

Hi guys! I had a great time at the AGP yesterday, and took a lot of pictures. I went with two of my friends, and the car ride was super fun (even though my dad was singing Let It Go :P)

*excuse the quality of the photos, please. As I’m sure you’ve heard from other bloggers, the lighting in the AG store isn’t very good.

This was my first time going to the AG store with my camera- so I felt a  little conscious as I walked around. I saw someone watching me take pictures, like “Wow, she still likes dolls?! Isn’t she a bit old for that?”

Yeah, I’m old, ok?

First picture of the day, in Downtown Chicago walking to the store.

Here she is, Gabriela McBride!! She is beautiful, but honestly I am mad that this is the FIRST African American GOTY and she’s not even new or original. They spent so long developing Grace Thomas’s and Lea Clark’s stories, why couldn’t they do that for Gabriela?
I’m in love with Melody’s hair.
Samantha looks like an angel ❤
My friend’s Josefina doll and the one in the store. (It took a while to get this photo because my friend’s Josie has loose limbs and I couldn’t stand her up.)
Brooke and Josie. (See what I mean? Josie looks like she’s keeling over and throwing up.)
Wow, Grace needs to eat more. It looks like Kit’s been starving her.
The Wellie Wishers are really cute! Willa’s my favorite.
Here’s a better photo of Gabby. They were doing a raffle to win a free doll! (I didn’t enter, though.)
Brooke and Brooke. (Is it just me, or does my Brooke look chubby?!)
The only reason I would buy this set is for the apples and the Uno game.
My friend and I couldn’t stop looking at this doll. She’s so pretty! ❤ I took wayyy too many photos of her.
“Who’s this weirdo?!”
#66 is also GORGEOUS. (even though she looks like she’s eating her chin in this pic.)
Sorry for that gross visual xD
Tacky green shirt… :3
Another picture of #44. She looks amazing in this.
Creepy doll bangs…(I told my other friend to buy them as a prank/present lol)
This coral skating dress is so cute.
 Anyone else mesmerized by her eyes?

Leaving the store! Here’s where I noticed that me & Brooke were kind of matching. Black shirts, colorful pants (mine were army green), and brown boots. 😛

I did buy something small at the AGP! I’ve been wanting it for a really long time.

At first I was devastated because I looked for it everywhere in the store and hadn’t seen it yet. When I checked the availability for it online, it said ‘not available in this location’. I refused to give up, and found it way in the back of the store by the AG restaurant.


The sweater is really awesome quality, and it’s lined with fleece to keep my dolls warm.
Yeah, I changed Brooke. I thought this outfit would look better with the sweater.
i didnt want that to rhyme i swear xD

(my brother came in just as I’m typing this. He grabbed Brooke and flipped her in the air. Brooke fell facedown on the bed. Sigh….)

And she fell right after I took the picture, too.
The star on the back.
The hood!
it’s all good in the hood LOLOLOL
I have to say, I’m impressed. I thought the hood would look really bad, but it looks good-great, in fact! AND, there’s no weird slit!
 The sweater zips up like a real human one would. ❤
(we’re kinda matching again, haha.)

Overall, I would definitely recommend this sweater, and it’s well worth the price!

Did you go to Gabriela McBride’s debut? Did you buy anything?

Adios, mis amigas!
~Rutvi ❤

32 thoughts on “My Trip to The AG Store- 1/1/17

  1. OH MY GOODNESS THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! I feel like we always start our comments in caps. Nice way to greet somebody by shouting I guess! (Catches their attention) XD ANYWAYS, the struggle is for sure real with being “too old”. I was at the SF AG place right when the doors opened, and there were these three 7 year old girls, and of course my mom asked them what dolls they had and one of them said SHE DIDNT HAVE A NAME. So she calls her #64! that annoyed me so much, so I just looked away and cried inside when I realized not all dolls are as lucky as yours or mine.. XD Brooke looks so cute with her pink highlights! OH THE GREEN SHIRT! I only bought it because the shirt underneath is absolutely adorable. My dolls will never be wearing the hideous green fishnet thingy. cheerio.

    Liked by 5 people

      I agree, that must be SO ANNOYING.
      Thanks!! The highlights were a bit long for her hair at first, so I had to cut them. (I know, I know, call me crazy. 😛 ) It worked, though!
      Yeah, lol. AG, what were you thinking with that green shirt ??

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This post is really interesting!! I’ve never been to an AG store before. We don’t have one here. Although I have visited the online store but never bought anything. Someday I will save up and buy one! I have the money now but it’s for a drum set! Oh well maybe sometime I will get to visit the AG store personally!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. #66 is AMAZING. If she had light skin, she’d be my twin! (Please, AG, please…)

    I love your pictures! They are amazing. It’s always been my dream to go to an AG debut, but I have not been to one yet. Maybe when Tenney or Felicity are released. *shrugs* That striped hoodie is gorgeous! Brooke looks fabulous in it! And I know – the slits in the back of some AG hoodies are seriously the weirdest things ever.


    Liked by 2 people

  4. Everything is so cute! I wish we had an AG store nearby. Oh well, I will just have to live vicariously. 🙂 That sweater hoodie is sooooo adorable on Brooke! It was a very good choice for sure! Good thing you didn’t give up, or you might not have found it! So cute! 🙂

    ginnie / http:/

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