365 days.

This is Rutvi now…

(which you can still visit, by the way. If you want a cringe-fest.)

Farmer Girl-a photoshoot

With love from,


27 thoughts on “365 days.

  1. OMG! YOU MADE IT RUTVI. I love ‘ya so much, you are one of the most awesome AG bloggers OUT THERE! (I mean it!)
    Online twin, you have come SO far, I’m literally laughing out loud at a picture of the conga line on your old blog. 😛
    365 days is A LONG TIME. Like, I think 2 hours is an eternity at school. XD I’m so glad we could be blogging buds (cheesy, I know…) and here’s to another year!
    I’m almost to 2 years on my little blog in April!

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  2. CONGRATULATIONS AWESOMENESS!!!! *hugs Rutvi through the screen* *her dolls look annoyed*
    Rivers: I’LL take it from here! YOU GOT SPIRIT YES YOU DO WE’VE GOT SPIRIT HOW BOUT YOU?!! GOOOOOO BUZZABOUTAG DOLLS!!!! *does special cheerleading routine* GOOO WORLD TAKEOVER DOLLS!!!
    Me: Rivers.
    Rivers: Well, anyway, congratulations dolls.

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