AG, We Want You Back.

Do you know what a breakup feels like?

I don’t.

But I’m starting to get an idea.

So many of us in the AGBC are “breaking up” with American Girl.

AG is trying so, so hard to make their products more “modernized”.

And I really, truly, hate it.

I do.

Here’s a list of things they are changing:

-sewn on underwear

-squishy vinyl

-selling them at Toys R Us, Kohls, etc.

-awful packaging

-new dolls that don’t even look like they’re from AG.

So, AG, you caused this breakup. And if you want us back, make your company go back to how it was. Because right now, I’m not an American Girl Fan.

In fact, I would’ve stopped loving them a long time ago, if it wasn’t for buying Brooke. I’d wanted her for so long that I just couldn’t resist, so… I bought her, and that revived my interest in AG. But now it’s dying again. I have zero motivation to play with my dolls, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting old or whatever, but I know that I don’t want to be a fan of them right now.

To be honest, this started when I saw the new mini dolls. They. Are. Creepy. And it hasn’t gotten better.

And if you’re thinking, “Maybe it’s for the best, maybe some people will like the changes they’re making…”


Just stop.

And think it over.

Because, if YOU picked up an AG catalog for the very first time TODAY, and you saw all these dolls with curved hands and squishy vinyl and sewn-on undies, would you be first in line to buy one? Or would you not even be in line at all?


Here are some links to others’ thoughts on this issue:






28 thoughts on “AG, We Want You Back.

  1. *applause*
    Well written post, Rutvi. You are completely entitled to your opinion and I am so happy you are posting about it on your blog. However, I respectfully disagree. I guess I’m still a fan of AG, but there are just certain dolls I will not buy, for example, Tenney, with her creepy hands. Anyways, I’m not trying to start an argument with you or anything, just wanted to tell you this was a great post, but I have a different way of looking at it. 😉

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  2. Excellent post! I really don’t understand what they are thinking. But we have to stand our ground if we want things to improve. By saying “it’s okay” we open ourselves not only to changes that we don’t like, but a lessening in quality. There are some things that they have done that I’m okay with, but I don’t like spending my hard earned money on junk, and I’m just afraid that’s the direction things are headed. If I wanted plastic everything, I’d collect Barbie!

    Thanks for the link back too!

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    • 1. Best Friend dolls. They were selling well, and your company would make more money if they were brought back.

      2. Bitty Twins. Although I never owned these, I have a friend who has a pair, and she loves playing with them. They were so fun for little kids. What doesn’t make sense to me is that you are discontinuing all the things that your customers loved, and bringing in things that will not sell well. Another thing that gets me is that, although you will read this letter, you probably won’t do anything about it. Which brings me to my next point….

      3. Your product quality has gone down, along with my trust. You don’t always listen to your customer’s ideas. This letter is one of hundreds that will be sent to you, but please, read it and understand it.

      4. Your pets- not well made, yet more expensive. It doesn’t make sense to me and shouldn’t to you. The pets look like something I can buy from the dollar store or Target. They’re not cute and fluffy at all. And what is your deal with cats? Not every girl has a dog!

      So, American Girl, I love the things you used to sell and the things that made you YOU. Now you’re just another doll company in a sea of hundreds. I’m standing up for fans of your beloved company everywhere. Please listen to us. American Girl is going on a downhill slope. We want your company to revert to its old ways and traditions that were loved by all of us.

      Sincerely, Rutvi
      What do you think?


      • I think it sounds terrific! They seem so hung up on “new and improved” but sometimes sticking to what you do best is the way to go to keep your customers happy.


  3. I agree – I felt pretty brokenhearted when I saw how poorly AG was handling customer complaints. Kind of like “We’re making these changes no matter what, so stop complaining and deal with it!” It’s definitely made me rethink future purchases from them. :/

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      • I did a whole post on my blog on what i said to them, and this was their response to me…

        Dear Mya,

        Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We want to assure you that your thoughts are being heard and your comments are being passed to the appropriate departments.

        The decision to make the changes you referenced were made for several reasons, including our ability to continue producing a quality product without the price of our doll going up. Additionally, we learned from our consumer research that the new underwear design will make play easier for some children and will ensure the underwear cannot be lost, we hoped it was an overall benefit for most. Having observed for decades how girls play with our dolls, outfits, and accessories, we believe the change will not limit how a young girl imagines or interacts with her doll.

        Again, thank you for letting us know how you feel about these issues.


        American Girl Customer Service

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      • I got more of a generic response. Hello,

        Thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us. Please know that we never want to disappoint anyone with our products or programs, and we’re very sorry we’ve fallen short for you in so many areas of late.

        While we’re unable to resolve your specific concerns at this time, we want you to know that your comments are being taken very seriously and have been shared with our brand and marketing teams for further conversations regarding these issues.

        We appreciate your constructive criticism of American Girl and again, want to thank you for contacting us, being a long-time fan, and sharing your concerns about the current direction of the brand.

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  4. The squishy vinyl was confirmed as a defect. I’m not too terribly hard feelinged toward AG about it (after all, as my brother pointed out, if it gets kids off their little mini-computers and playing with dolls, anything for that!).


  5. Since I am from Canada, my opinion probably doesn’t count, but my biggest concern with AG came when I saw Tenney and her collection. Does anyone else think that a lot of it just resembles a bunch of upsized Barbie furniture? Cheap plastic furniture with plastic drawers without any frills or even fabrics? What happened to the quality? This stuff doesn’t even come close. Take Rebecca’s sideboard for example or Cecile’s desk. Could you imagine any of those things made out of cheap plastic? Yet they still want the same prices??? That’s just ridiculous to me. I won’t be buying AG simply because the price is astronomical for Canadians already, but if the quality isn’t there then there is absolutely no point for me to waste my money. I usually buy from eBay or other doll companies anyway. If I am going to spend $160 CDN for a doll, then it better be some kind of fantastic, and I better get a nice removable pair of undies to go with her.

    ginnie /


  6. Hi Rutvi! So I’ve been wondering lately… are you still gonna post on this blog? Please tell me, because I love all your posts, but if you’re not feeling like playing with your dolls…
    Anyways, just wanted to find out

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  7. Aw, don’t let AG get you down. There are plenty of great dolls out there, and it’s fun to hunt for retired items on eBay! Maybe AG will listen, if not I still enjoy the dolls that I have😊


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