“it’s october third.”

it’s…..mean girls day! (are you  wearing pink??)

samantha and i have been working really hard on this collab. we’ve been planning it for months now, and on sunday, i’m pretty sure we facetimed for a total of at least 5 hours. but we each thought of some of our favorite quotes from mean girls, and recreated them with our dolls! below the doll pictures are the photos they were based off of. 🙂

without further adue, i present to you….



“You could try Sears.”


(all photos that are not taken by me, i got off of pinterest.)

and to be clear, i did not get a new doll, i borrowed my friend’s isabelle (goty 2014). 😀

now, i know i only did 3 pictures, because i was super pressed for time, so this can really just be more of an add-on to samantha’s post. XD to find her amazing recreations: check out agdollawesome.com


whatever. i’m getting cheese fries.

-rutvi ❤






















14 thoughts on ““it’s october third.”

  1. I’ve never seen Mean Girls, but I really want to, especially with the musical, since I’m utter Broadway trash. But look, gurl. I love this blog so much. It made my heart fill up with joy when you named your doll’s horse Gingersnap, the name I suggested (yes, that was me- I’ve changed my online name, Daisymermaid was a little cringey). I remember checking this blog every single day, just to see if you’d posted something, and the smile on my face when I saw a new post. This was one of my favourite blogs, and I don’t know if you’ve just moved on from dolls, or if you would simply rather blog on your other blog, or if you’re too busy, but even if you’ve decided that dolls are no longer for you, this place will hold a special place in my heart. 🖤💙💚💜💛❤️

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    • mean girls is a great movie!

      awww, THANK YOU, that means the world to me, devin! ❤️ haha, i loved the name daisymermaid too! thank you so much for keeping up with my blog and for your super sweet comment.💕💕 im going to be honest, i’m not as interested in dolls as i was anymore, and yeah, i’m trying to focus more on my other blog, but this site will always be up here for you to come back to. and who knows, i might come back one day too. 🙂


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