A Royal Dream-Part 2

Prologue: In the tree sat a dragon. A small one, mind you, and it would never eat anyone. Ever. Perhaps it was because his wings were weak. Nevertheless, Sir Azul was a brave dragon…Sir Azul’s eyes swept the area as he sat in the tree. For miles, all he could see was grass. But something glinting among the grass caught his eye…
And so of course he was curious, and he did something he didn’t know he could do. He took off, and he flew.

The great majestic creature soared away, his beautiful wings sparkling in the morning sun.

Finally he reached the sparkly thing. He bent down and sniffed it until he figured out what it was. A tiara. Even Sir Azul knew how valuable they were, and that if a princess lost a tiara, the whole kingdom would be angry at her.
So he did the kind thing to do, and picked it up with his tail and flew away in search of a crownless princess.
Sir Azul was beginning to get tired. His wings flopped heavily, and he gasped for breath. The tiara, made entirely of pure silver and gems, weighed down his tail.
Alas, soon came a strange sight. A girl…in a dress…standing in the middle of the forest. What?
Then he realized. It was a princess. He had expected to find her in the castle, but dropped the tiara by her side anyways.
Brooke Rosalie was bewildered. Where had the tiara come from? She’d flung it so far into the woods. Then she realized. It wasn’t proper of a princess to do that! And she’d be in great trouble if the kingdom found out.

So she gratefully nestled the crown on her head.

But soon, the princess heard a sickening thud.
Brooke ran, and saw a blue dragon lying on the pavement, its wings wrapped around its body.

He was undoubtedly in pain.

Brooke leaned over. “Hello, may I help?”
“Yes. I am Sir Azul, and I was flying for the first time today… I don’t know what happened. Oh! There was this tiara…I carried it, then threw it down near some girl….wait…was it you?”
From the tree above, someone was watching.

Wise Old Owl. Everyone knew Wise Old Owl and respected him. He was the king of the forest. He wasted no time in crowns and celebrations, he was a straight-to-the-point kind of guy… er, owl? So while the princess tried to comfort the helpless dragon, he swooped down. “Princess, pick up Sir Azul.” Brooke did as he said, even though she had no idea who the owl was. This creature needed help ASAP. She grunted with the creature’s weight.
“Now lay him down to sleep.” Wise Old Owl instructed.

After finding the softest, most abundant patch of leaves, she did. Wise Old Owl smiled. “There, he shall heal on his own. What a bad fall that was…I saw it and heard it from miles away.

Instinctively, Brooke Rosalie threw her arms around Wise Old Owl. “Thank you. I just feel so awful. Sir Azul got hurt saving my tiara.
“Think of it this way.” The owl said. “He saved your tiara, and together we saved him. All right?”
The princess smiled. “All right.”


…of Brooke’s dream. 

Brooke yawned. She had finally woken up, and no, she did not wake up like this:

Instead, her blankets were carelessly tossed around her, and her pillow lay on the floor. Her sister Ruthie’s voice rang out from downstairs. “BROOKE! YOU HAVE FIVE MINUTES BEFORE YOUR BUS GETS HERE! GET UP AND GET READY!!!”
What a royal way to wake up.

A Royal Dream~Part 1

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Week 7, Day 3 of Camp Dolliwatha. In case you don’t know, my theme is fantasy/fairytale! I haven’t been able to post during the week, obviously, so I’m making up for it this weekend. 🙂 I picked a bad time to do this, though, so my Camp Dolliwatha posts are kind of scattered. 😦 Anyways, I didn’t want to pressure myself into blogging this past week, what with school and sports starting back up. :/

Here’s part one of a very royal photostory…

When Brooke woke up, her head rested on a soft, cloud-like pillow. The blankets, instead of being carelessly wrinkled and tossed around, were carefully arranged. Her folded hands held a rose. Her pale green nightgown felt soft against her skin. Wait…nightgown? She’d gone to sleep wearing sweatpants and Ruthie’s old soccer jersey…
On a normal school morning, Brooke would wake up 10 minutes before her bus came. She’d quickly throw on a t-shirt and shorts, shovel cereal into her mouth, and literally run to her bus stop. But not today. Her outfit was set out for her, a pink dress and a pink tiara. She shuddered. So much pink. She put it on anyway.
The room was pink like her dress. It felt oddly like being inside a large bubblegum. Brooke made herself down the very royal staircase, only to find a very royal sitting room, and outside it, a royalkitchen bustling with royal maids.
One of them gasped at the sight of her and then smiled. “Princess Brooke Rosalie must be hungry!” She exclaimed. “I am?” Brooke said, confused. Honestly, she’d lost her appetite at the sight of the puffy pink dress. After complimenting her dress, hairstyle, and shoes, the maids served her tea-and yes, in a very royal teacup.
One of the innocent maids informed her that tonight was the night of a ball! But she couldn’t care less about meeting a prince.
And then she was running. From what, she didn’t know, to where, she didn’t know either. But still she ran.


Her sandals began to make her feet ache and she was tempted to take them off. It wasn’t the only thing bothering her. Her crown felt heavy on her head.
She took it off and flung it into the grass. The princess resumed her running, then stopped and glanced back.
The tiara glinted in the green leaves. She didn’t go back for it.
Back in the castle, the maids screeched. Princess Brooke Rosalie was missing.

And that ends part 1!
Bonus photos:




 How’d you like that? Part 2 coming tomorrow!

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Camp Dolliwatha, Week Seven: Make your doll into a Knight in Shining Armor!

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to week seven of Camp Dolliwatha! My theme is Fantasy/Fairytale. 🙂

Loren, Clara, Marissa, Josie, Grace, Anna, and I have been working hard to come up with crafts- and their posts were great, so be sure to check them out! 🙂 Here’s how to turn your doll into a knight in shining armor.

You will need a lot of tinfoil, scissors, a doll dressed completely in black, and tape.

Start by ripping/cutting out rectangles of foil. Two smaller ones for the arms, a larger one for the bodice, and two medium-sized ones for the legs.

Wrap the foil around your doll’s arms. Always do arms first! Here you can see that her arms are finished and that she has a large piece of tinfoil on top that looks like a poncho.

Wrap that around your doll’s stomach to get something like this:

Half done! 😀

I polished up my mistakes- in this photo, you can see that the top of her “armor” looks less sloppy. To do this, just take pieces of foil and cover any open areas. It should resemble a long-sleeve t-shirt.

Now take the pieces that you’d cut out for the leg and d what you did for the arms. Wrap it around, and tape in place if needed.DSC07665Now, you have two options for this. You can either just wrap it around your doll’s waist like a skirt, and tape in the back, OR you can put the sheet under the doll, and fold it up on her diaper-style. XD I went with the second option.

Here she is, in all her glory!!!

This. Is. So. Uncomfortable. 

She was pretty much falling over when I tried to get this pic XD

Now it’s time to make a fun prop. Materials needed:

I used thick white craft foam for the sword, in case you were wondering. 😉 

Cut out pieces shaped like this. The one on the right is basically a T shape. 

Take that one, and a long piece of black electrical tape. Wrap it around the handle of the T.

Now, cover it with tape,

Trim off any excess,

Until you are satisfied. (The handle ended up being too long, so I cut it after I took this photo)

For the blade, cover the triangular shape with a smaller piece of foil. Trim. Because I was lazy, I just taped it onto the handle. 😉 As a detail, I used some shimmery nail polish on the handle.I think it looks pretty cool! 😀

Now for some extra pictures: 

A brave knight and a fine steed. <3<3 ❤ ❤

Did you like this craft? It is a bit time-consuming, but worth it in the end! 🙂 If you do make this, email Loren (happyhouseofag@gmail.com)  up to 3 pictures and they will be featured in her Camp Dolliwatha recap post on Saturday.