“it’s october third.”

it’s…..mean girls day! (are you  wearing pink??)

samantha and i have been working really hard on this collab. we’ve been planning it for months now, and on sunday, i’m pretty sure we facetimed for a total of at least 5 hours. but we each thought of some of our favorite quotes from mean girls, and recreated them with our dolls! below the doll pictures are the photos they were based off of. 🙂

without further adue, i present to you….



“You could try Sears.”


(all photos that are not taken by me, i got off of pinterest.)

and to be clear, i did not get a new doll, i borrowed my friend’s isabelle (goty 2014). 😀

now, i know i only did 3 pictures, because i was super pressed for time, so this can really just be more of an add-on to samantha’s post. XD to find her amazing recreations: check out agdollawesome.com


whatever. i’m getting cheese fries.

-rutvi ❤























I Thought It Was Punny…

Ruthie, the family’s eldest sister, sat in a corner of Rutvi’s room, clothed in layers of sweaters and vests, swaddled in a blanket drinking hot cocoa and reading a book.

She was enjoying the solitude of a chilly Saturday morning.

Yes, I emphasized was. She was enjoying… until Saige came along.

The redhead took one look at her sister’s outfit, shrieked,

covered her eyes,

and collapsed on the floor.

Ruthie bent over her, trying to figure out what had happened.

Finally Saige sat up, and Ruthie sighed in relief. “Saige! Are you ok?”
“You nearly gave me a heart attack, but yes.” She replied.
“What? Why?”
Saige shuddered. “Your…your outfit! It’s hideous! Those pants look like they’re from the 1700s!”
Ruthie crossed her arms over her chest. “It’s cold.”
Brooke plonked herself right next to her sisters. “I heard some commotion. What was that about?” Saige explained the situation. Brooke rolled her eyes. “I can’t believe I’m related to you-you’re both so dramatic. Honestly, Ruthie, Saige faints all the time.” Ruthie giggled then shook her head.
Brooke whispered something into Saige’s ear. “I think we both know the solution to this,” she continued after a while. “A makeover! We’ll get Ruthie in a cozy but cute outfit, all right?”
Then it was Ruthie’s turn to roll her eyes. ” You have got to be kitten me.” She said. As if on cue, Praline stalked into the room.
Suddenly, Rutvi picked up Pinkyfuzz the Monkey and tossed her at Ruthie.  
“Quit monkeying around!” She yelled.
But they couldn’t. Ruthie’s sisters watched as she  pulled her blanket around her again-

and started to read.
Without looking up, she said, “I really would, but my weekend’s all booked, ok?”
Brooke and Saige turned away, disheartened.

“It’s too bad that she has to bee so busy.” Saige commented. Brooke nodded.


“SAIGE! SAAAAAIGE! Do you know where my soccer ball is? I can’t find it!”
“No, but you can read my book if you’re bored! I think you’ll get a kick out of it!”
“Thanks…but even so, I wonder where it is…”
Brooke murmured. “Hey, I can look under my bed, where the rest of the Things Not Seen must be!” Brooke exclaimed, tucking her own book under her arm.
Saige answered, “Okay, hopefully you get Lucky & find it!”
“Thanks!”Brooke smiled, sprinting to her room.
“What are Sisters for?”

Ruthie walked into the living room, dragging Blossom the Bear behind her. “I’m so beary hungry.” She complained.
Brooke laughed. “I’d think you’d be, after all that reading. Orange you glad I made cookies?”Ruthie pumped her fist and went away to find them.

Saige rode in on Gingersnap, wheezing. “What’s wrong??” Brooke asked, alarmed. “I’m not feeling so good, and my voice is kind of horse. I thought riding Gingie might help.” Brooke replied, “Aww, okay. Hope you feel butter.” As she spread the very same stuff on her toast.
But suddenly…all the dolls looked up as Rutvi cleared her throat. In her hand, she held a fistful of grapes.

“You guys have made a bunch of corny puns today, and you’re not that grape at it.”
She griped. “Okay, we’ll stop now.” Saige coughed, holding back laughter. “Only if you post these pictures, though.” Rutvi relented, and walked away to find her computer. “Thanks for being so undersitting!” Brooke called. “Under…what?” “We would say understanding, but you’re sitting. Soooo…”
Rutvi shot a warning look at her dolls before continuing her post, but laughed inside all the same.


October 8th, 2016. For some, just a normal day. But for a certain freckled fashionista, it was the biggest day of her life. She was turning 10. And that was a huge deal. Finally, double digits! She would be able to ride more rollercoasters at the amusement park, she would no longer have to order from kids menus at restaurants, and, best of all, she got to spend the whole day doing whatever she wanted.

At the table waiting for her, were her loving pancakes sisters and a stack of sisters pancakes.  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!” They shouted as soon as she walked in. “I made you pancakes!” Brooke grinned proudly.

Saige felt like a princess as she wolfed down the special treat.”Thanks, guys!” She smiled. Brooke gave Ruthie a knowing glance, then murmured something in her ear. Saige didn’t catch what Brooke had said, but Ruthie grinned as if she knew something. Brooke ran into the next room, leaving Ruthie and a very confused Saige standing by the table. Ruthie slung her arm around Saige’s shoulders.

“Okay, birthday girl….close your eyes.”

Puzzled, Saige did as she asked and Ruthie led her over to the room that Brooke had run into.

Then Ruthie left Saige’s side.

“Okay… open your eyes in 1….2…3!”


Saige’s turquoise eyes flew open.

She couldn’t believe what she saw.
Her amazingly sneaky sisters had created a beautiful banner, and on the side lay a pile of presents.
“Awww! You guys did all this for me?!”
Brooke and Ruthie nodded happily. “Mm-hm! You like it?”
“No…” I said. Their faces fell. “I love it!” I exclaimed!! Ruthie lightly shoved me and I giggled. “Seriously, thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!”
Saige sat and cuddled Honey and Praline as Brooke, rather excitedly (and sheepishly) tattled Ruthie had burned the cake the first time they made it.
“But it finally came out all right…” Ruthie smiled and handed Saige a plate. 
Saige’s mouth watered, but suddenly she frowned. “Um, thanks guys…” She said. Brooke laughed. “Chill, girl. There’s more cake in the fridge. We just figured it was kind of pointless to cut a huge cake when there’s only 3 of us.” Saige rolled her eyes. “I didn’t mean…” Ruthie chuckled. “Yes, you did, Saige. We know you way too well, am I right?”
The girls sat and talked for a bit, when Brooke suddenly got up.

She came back a few minutes later, stashed something behind her back, and Saige peeked at her. “What’ve you got there?” She asked. “Nothing…” Brooke tried to keep a straight face but failed. (epically) She and Ruthie each handed their sister a carefully wrapped gift.

Saige painstakingly undid the ribbon from a long, thin, pink package.


Between the layers of tissue paper lay…
“NO way! That super cool curling iron?!”
Brooke smiled. “Yup. Just for you, gorgeous.”
Ruthie muttered under her breath, “Only ’cause I don’t know how to use it and Brooke’s hair is flatter than a pancake.” The girls laughed out loud.
 Next, Saige shook the white & pink present to try & figure out what was inside.
“OH MY GOD!!!” She shrieked. ” A VIDEO GAME CONSOLE?!”
Now it was Ruthie’s turn to smile. “Uh-huh. There’s another controller in the basement, and it’s all set up. Welcome to your Xbox, Saige.”
Saige squealed with happiness. “You guys are the best.” She said as she tackled Brooke with a hug.

Soon the cake was gone, presents were unwrapped, and the girls had had their fill of cake fun for the day…Or had they?
Saige finally broke the silence and said, “I’m going to try out that curling iron. What do you say, sistahs?” They once again burst out laughing.

Ruthie nudged Brooke and both of them gasped as Saige made her way toward them.

Her hair hung in soft beachy waves. Not quite ringlets, but not messy either.
Brooke grabbed the camera, gestured for Saige to stand by the birthday banner, and focused the camera on her sister. The flash went off and Brooke examined the picture. She flashed a thumbs-up sign at Ruthie and Saige as the birthday girl wondered what on earth she’d done to have such adoring sisters.
What a perfect birthday it had been.



Ruthie 🙂
Brookie Cookie 
and, Rutvi ♥

A Royal Dream-Part 2

Prologue: In the tree sat a dragon. A small one, mind you, and it would never eat anyone. Ever. Perhaps it was because his wings were weak. Nevertheless, Sir Azul was a brave dragon…Sir Azul’s eyes swept the area as he sat in the tree. For miles, all he could see was grass. But something glinting among the grass caught his eye…
And so of course he was curious, and he did something he didn’t know he could do. He took off, and he flew.

The great majestic creature soared away, his beautiful wings sparkling in the morning sun.

Finally he reached the sparkly thing. He bent down and sniffed it until he figured out what it was. A tiara. Even Sir Azul knew how valuable they were, and that if a princess lost a tiara, the whole kingdom would be angry at her.
So he did the kind thing to do, and picked it up with his tail and flew away in search of a crownless princess.
Sir Azul was beginning to get tired. His wings flopped heavily, and he gasped for breath. The tiara, made entirely of pure silver and gems, weighed down his tail.
Alas, soon came a strange sight. A girl…in a dress…standing in the middle of the forest. What?
Then he realized. It was a princess. He had expected to find her in the castle, but dropped the tiara by her side anyways.
Brooke Rosalie was bewildered. Where had the tiara come from? She’d flung it so far into the woods. Then she realized. It wasn’t proper of a princess to do that! And she’d be in great trouble if the kingdom found out.

So she gratefully nestled the crown on her head.

But soon, the princess heard a sickening thud.
Brooke ran, and saw a blue dragon lying on the pavement, its wings wrapped around its body.

He was undoubtedly in pain.

Brooke leaned over. “Hello, may I help?”
“Yes. I am Sir Azul, and I was flying for the first time today… I don’t know what happened. Oh! There was this tiara…I carried it, then threw it down near some girl….wait…was it you?”
From the tree above, someone was watching.

Wise Old Owl. Everyone knew Wise Old Owl and respected him. He was the king of the forest. He wasted no time in crowns and celebrations, he was a straight-to-the-point kind of guy… er, owl? So while the princess tried to comfort the helpless dragon, he swooped down. “Princess, pick up Sir Azul.” Brooke did as he said, even though she had no idea who the owl was. This creature needed help ASAP. She grunted with the creature’s weight.
“Now lay him down to sleep.” Wise Old Owl instructed.

After finding the softest, most abundant patch of leaves, she did. Wise Old Owl smiled. “There, he shall heal on his own. What a bad fall that was…I saw it and heard it from miles away.

Instinctively, Brooke Rosalie threw her arms around Wise Old Owl. “Thank you. I just feel so awful. Sir Azul got hurt saving my tiara.
“Think of it this way.” The owl said. “He saved your tiara, and together we saved him. All right?”
The princess smiled. “All right.”


…of Brooke’s dream. 

Brooke yawned. She had finally woken up, and no, she did not wake up like this:

Instead, her blankets were carelessly tossed around her, and her pillow lay on the floor. Her sister Ruthie’s voice rang out from downstairs. “BROOKE! YOU HAVE FIVE MINUTES BEFORE YOUR BUS GETS HERE! GET UP AND GET READY!!!”
What a royal way to wake up.

A Royal Dream~Part 1

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Week 7, Day 3 of Camp Dolliwatha. In case you don’t know, my theme is fantasy/fairytale! I haven’t been able to post during the week, obviously, so I’m making up for it this weekend. 🙂 I picked a bad time to do this, though, so my Camp Dolliwatha posts are kind of scattered. 😦 Anyways, I didn’t want to pressure myself into blogging this past week, what with school and sports starting back up. :/

Here’s part one of a very royal photostory…

When Brooke woke up, her head rested on a soft, cloud-like pillow. The blankets, instead of being carelessly wrinkled and tossed around, were carefully arranged. Her folded hands held a rose. Her pale green nightgown felt soft against her skin. Wait…nightgown? She’d gone to sleep wearing sweatpants and Ruthie’s old soccer jersey…
On a normal school morning, Brooke would wake up 10 minutes before her bus came. She’d quickly throw on a t-shirt and shorts, shovel cereal into her mouth, and literally run to her bus stop. But not today. Her outfit was set out for her, a pink dress and a pink tiara. She shuddered. So much pink. She put it on anyway.
The room was pink like her dress. It felt oddly like being inside a large bubblegum. Brooke made herself down the very royal staircase, only to find a very royal sitting room, and outside it, a royalkitchen bustling with royal maids.
One of them gasped at the sight of her and then smiled. “Princess Brooke Rosalie must be hungry!” She exclaimed. “I am?” Brooke said, confused. Honestly, she’d lost her appetite at the sight of the puffy pink dress. After complimenting her dress, hairstyle, and shoes, the maids served her tea-and yes, in a very royal teacup.
One of the innocent maids informed her that tonight was the night of a ball! But she couldn’t care less about meeting a prince.
And then she was running. From what, she didn’t know, to where, she didn’t know either. But still she ran.


Her sandals began to make her feet ache and she was tempted to take them off. It wasn’t the only thing bothering her. Her crown felt heavy on her head.
She took it off and flung it into the grass. The princess resumed her running, then stopped and glanced back.
The tiara glinted in the green leaves. She didn’t go back for it.
Back in the castle, the maids screeched. Princess Brooke Rosalie was missing.

And that ends part 1!
Bonus photos:




 How’d you like that? Part 2 coming tomorrow!

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Bonjour Madamoiselle . Nourris Moi.

Zat eez French for Hello, Madamoiselle. Feed Me. In this photostory, Brooke encounters some very picky food critics who are never satisfied.

Brooke ran about the house, straightening the curtains and nervously biting her fingernails. Some very important guests were about to arrive, and she had to impress them. The doorbell rang and she rushed to get it. Glancing around to make sure the house was spotless, with not a trace of her sister’s messes in sight, she took a deep breath and twisted the handle.

But no one was standing there.

She fumed. She was expecting fancy guests and some kid had decided to ding-dong-ditch her. Rude. Just rude. Disappointed, she pushed the door back in place.

Until someone said, “Look down, Madamoiselle.”

There on her doorstep, were two French…animals? The cat wore a pink beret and the dog sported a bushy mustache.

“You two are adorable!” She laughed. “But Halloween isn’t for a few months. Now, where’s your owner?”

“You see, madam, ve are zee critiques. Ve are here to assess your cooking abilities. So eef you vould kindly let us in, ve shall begin.”

“Um. Okay…sorry, make yourselves at home.” Brooke smiled.

Soon they were settled in, and she squealed to herself. “It’s happening! It’s really happening!”

First she skinned the carrots-

Then she slid a plate in front of the French golden doodle and tabby.
“Vell, is zees main course?” Monsieur Honey asked. “No, sir, it is appetizer.” Brooke informed him.
“I do not like it.” Madame Praline chimed in bluntly. Monsieur Honey agreed. “Oui.”
“Well, maybe you’ll like the main course.” I said confidently.
“Ve shall see.”

I left the critics waiting as I heated up my signature pasta and pizza dish. I flounced into the room ten minutes later carrying two piping-hot plates.
“Very eeenteresting..yes, I do believe I’ll enjoy zees.” I bit my lip to keep the “YES!” from slipping out. Then, Monsieur Honey, the proper, fancy, frenchman, did something I didn’t know he could do.  He dove his muzzle into the pizza. 
Brooke didn’t know if he could eat through his moustache, but he finished it so fast, even Madame Praline stared in shock. “Mm-mm. Oui, zees eez deleecious.” His utensils remained untouched.
The cat took a dainty bite of pasta. “Veery good. Trés bon. Zee flavor is nice- wheech spices did you use?”
Chef Brooke rattled off a list. “Pepper, oregano…..”
“But zere eez one problem…zere eez too leetle sauce so zee noodles are veery dry.”
“Ah.” Brooke nodded.

“Ah, dessert, my favorite part of zee meal.”

Madame Praline chuckled.
Brooke was still preparing the food.
Soon she brought out a large plate, on top of which sat a glorious chocolate cake. And then I remembered. Monsieur Honey would not like me very much if he ate it. He could be hospitalized, er vetrinarian-ized? Madame Praline saw the problem right away. “He cannot eat zat. Chocolate gives him problems.”
I understood. “Well, I can bring you some bread….”
Monsieur Honey was outraged.
“Bread? Dessert? Zees seemply vill not do! Vat do you theenk I am, a dog?”
“Uh, yes.”
“NO! Sveet food eez dessert. Not bread.”
The animal’s laughter followed me into the kitchen. 
An hour later, they were enjoying  criticizing the pie Brooke had made.
“Sveet, but not good. Eet eez not appetizing.”
She facepalmed. Now it was time for the final results.
She wiped her hands on her apron nervously. Her sweaty palms were minced with the scent of oregano and basil.
Madame Praline purred. “Your food eez quite good, you have potential for somevone as young as you. Keep cooking and one day you vill vin a cooking show.” With that, she settled her beret back on her ears.
Brooke smiled. “And you, Monsieur Honey?”
He was silent for a moment, then finally said, “I liked zee pizza. Nice vork.”
She said her thank-yous and goodbyes, and closed the door. The second the critic’s limousine pulled away, Brooke jumped on top of the piano and started dancing.
Ruthie came running. “Who is making that awful sound? Is a chicken dying over there? Oh, nevermind….SAIGE! I TOLD you to practice your guitar in the basement!!!”


this was so fun to make. My favorite line was-
“Bread? Dessert? Zees seemply vill not do! Vat do you theenk I am, a dog?”
Okay, I’ve gotta run. Bye!

The 2016 Dollympics: Gymnastics

Gymnastics. One of the most dangerous sports in the world. But these fearless three women are up for the challenge- meet the Innerstar U gymnastics team, Saige Copeland, Brooke Adams, and Ruthie Smithens!

Saige walks into the gym wearing a cute warm-up outfit, carrying a drink from Starbucks. Her  hair is swept back in a high ponytail which shows off her beautiful waves.


She gives a wave to the crowd and begins her floor routine!                                            


And she finishes her routine in a split. Something old, but Copeland is keeping  it classy!

Brooke Adams, a rookie gymnast, (it’s her first time competing in the Dollympics) has become loved dearly among her fans. They call her Brookie Cookie, just like her sisters!  😉

Here she is, pre-games, stretching.

Brooke’s floor pass begins with a side aerial, followed by a half twist. She shoots herself into the air perfectly, but her landing is a bit rough.Minor deduction, so she shakes it off, keeps going.

She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath… then runs into her next pass.

After Adams sticks the landing on her front handspring, front tuck, she launches into a dive roll. The photographers couldn’t keep up with her amazing speed!

Breathlessly waving to the crowd. 🙂
Our last contestant of the day, Ruthie Smithens, enters the gym in a sporty outfit: Gym shorts and an ‘I ❤ Gymnastics’ tee. Here she is warming up before her big performance.
Ruthie holds a flower given to her by a little fan-how sweet!

Side aerial.
Double back handspring, finished with a tuck jump.
I think this is a skill she made up herself…

 Saige Copeland is back, this time on beam.

Before mounting the beam.

Cartwheel onto the beam,

Her foot slips. Did the judges catch that?

Front walkover.

After a few more skills, Saige dismounts the beam with a full twist. Impressive!

Ruthie begins her vault with a deep breath and powerful running.


A second delay, but she makes it over with success and a big smile!
Brooke is not competing in event two, so we will now switch to bars.
Here she is!
A few more swings, and she dismounts. Perfect landing!
Mounting the bar.
And a dismount. Nice!
Ruthie is not participating in round three.

Tremendous effort has gone into these three girl’s routines. Great job, and good luck!

Make sure you check out Meg and Michelle’s blog, and Ginnie’s blog for more awesome Dollympics posts! Thanks for reading!

With love, the girls, Meg, Michelle, Ginnie, and Rutvi ❤