What’s The Buzz~ June 2016

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, what’s up, lovelies? 😀

Sorry for being absent from the blogosphere for a while. :/ I’m back, though, and I’m also really sorry I haven’t been posting as much.


Welcome to this month’s edition of What’s The Buzz! (click the link to see last month’s) If you don’t know, these are monthly posts in which I share posts from other doll blogs that I’ve enjoyed reading so that others can read them too. 🙂

{please note that these pictures are not my own}

First up is a post from Loren’s blog, Happy House of AG. If you want a good laugh, click this lovely link: Isabelle’s Vlogging Dilemma .

Clara has come up with this GENIUS thing called the Blog Treasure Hunt. It’s SO fun. 🙂

 theblogtreasurehunt<- <- <-

Jaclynn from LHOAG has been working on her series, Masquerade, like crazy, and her hard work is paying off- I love it.  (seriously, when are you going to post the next part? :P) It’s so suspenseful. 


linkedy link link

p.s. take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous Maryellen is while you read the series. 😉

Also, I’m loving this post from Kait’s AG Crafts. It might not be doll pictures, but it’s pretty adorable: 

Next! This post from Hello Dollie Blog has very good quality pictures (and it was posted on my birthday) 😛 Nice, Kara! 

Annnnnd Faking it Mostly makes the list again! They did a fantastic DIY on their blog and I was mindblown. LOVE IT.

You need to read that. Please. 🙂 You’ll thank me later!

I just couldn’t pass up another post from the same blog. 🙂 They gave a Kit who needed a LOT of TLC just that, and she looks darling. ❤

Well, guys, that’s it! Wait, no it’s not.

News: I ran a 5k today! It was hot, but really fun. 🙂

Oh, and guys, don’t forget to sign up for my writing contest! You can find more details by searching for ‘introducing’ on my blog. I really need more people to enter! 🙂


~Rutvi ❤

What’s The Buzz? (May 2016)

Hi guys! Welcome to ‘What’s The Buzz?’! I’ve decided that these are going to be monthly posts where I feature posts from other doll blogs that I’ve enjoyed reading and want to share with you. Hopefully you find some new blogs, and enjoy! 

This is one of my favorite pictures from a GORGEOUS photoshoot called

Princess Elizabeth ~ An American Girl Photo Shoot

Am I cute or what?‘s photography is just stunning and Elizabeth looks SO pretty! After seeing this, I really wanted to curl Saige’s hair so it looked similar to Elizabeth’s. It turned out SO well, but I still think Elizabeth’s hairstyle looks so royal!

This post is from Americangirlfan! Liz, your pictures are so beautiful and the sloth adds a super cute touch!

Here’s the link to the post. I loved these two pictures, but it was hard to choose a favorite! American Girl Doll Lea Clark SlothAmerican Girl Doll Lea Clark Sloth

Here’s another post featuring the lovely Lea Clark, congratulations on adding her to your collection, Ginnie! IMG_2061

She also shows you some fun finds that are P-E-R-F-E-C-T for Lea! View that amazing post by clicking HERE. 

Hopefully you’re not too tired of Lea yet, because you’re about to see some more pretty pictures of here! Just click here

She looks like a real person!

This is Part 12 of American Girl Doll Artist’s newest series, The Guiding Compass. IT’S AMAZING. I love Lea’s jedi robe!

Loren started her new series, too, and it’s called Serpents. If you haven’t read it yet, what are you doing?! JK, read all of the parts here.4-dsc_0562.jpg

Samantha from AGdollawesome made some great summer goals for her doll blog. tteal

Btw, I love that color. 😉

So, that wraps up the first ‘What’s the Buzz?’ post! Did you like it? 🙂

~Rutvi ❤