October 8th, 2016. For some, just a normal day. But for a certain freckled fashionista, it was the biggest day of her life. She was turning 10. And that was a huge deal. Finally, double digits! She would be able to ride more rollercoasters at the amusement park, she would no longer have to order from kids menus at restaurants, and, best of all, she got to spend the whole day doing whatever she wanted.

At the table waiting for her, were her loving pancakes sisters and a stack of sisters pancakes.  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!” They shouted as soon as she walked in. “I made you pancakes!” Brooke grinned proudly.

Saige felt like a princess as she wolfed down the special treat.”Thanks, guys!” She smiled. Brooke gave Ruthie a knowing glance, then murmured something in her ear. Saige didn’t catch what Brooke had said, but Ruthie grinned as if she knew something. Brooke ran into the next room, leaving Ruthie and a very confused Saige standing by the table. Ruthie slung her arm around Saige’s shoulders.

“Okay, birthday girl….close your eyes.”

Puzzled, Saige did as she asked and Ruthie led her over to the room that Brooke had run into.

Then Ruthie left Saige’s side.

“Okay… open your eyes in 1….2…3!”


Saige’s turquoise eyes flew open.

She couldn’t believe what she saw.
Her amazingly sneaky sisters had created a beautiful banner, and on the side lay a pile of presents.
“Awww! You guys did all this for me?!”
Brooke and Ruthie nodded happily. “Mm-hm! You like it?”
“No…” I said. Their faces fell. “I love it!” I exclaimed!! Ruthie lightly shoved me and I giggled. “Seriously, thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!”
Saige sat and cuddled Honey and Praline as Brooke, rather excitedly (and sheepishly) tattled Ruthie had burned the cake the first time they made it.
“But it finally came out all right…” Ruthie smiled and handed Saige a plate. 
Saige’s mouth watered, but suddenly she frowned. “Um, thanks guys…” She said. Brooke laughed. “Chill, girl. There’s more cake in the fridge. We just figured it was kind of pointless to cut a huge cake when there’s only 3 of us.” Saige rolled her eyes. “I didn’t mean…” Ruthie chuckled. “Yes, you did, Saige. We know you way too well, am I right?”
The girls sat and talked for a bit, when Brooke suddenly got up.

She came back a few minutes later, stashed something behind her back, and Saige peeked at her. “What’ve you got there?” She asked. “Nothing…” Brooke tried to keep a straight face but failed. (epically) She and Ruthie each handed their sister a carefully wrapped gift.

Saige painstakingly undid the ribbon from a long, thin, pink package.


Between the layers of tissue paper lay…
“NO way! That super cool curling iron?!”
Brooke smiled. “Yup. Just for you, gorgeous.”
Ruthie muttered under her breath, “Only ’cause I don’t know how to use it and Brooke’s hair is flatter than a pancake.” The girls laughed out loud.
 Next, Saige shook the white & pink present to try & figure out what was inside.
“OH MY GOD!!!” She shrieked. ” A VIDEO GAME CONSOLE?!”
Now it was Ruthie’s turn to smile. “Uh-huh. There’s another controller in the basement, and it’s all set up. Welcome to your Xbox, Saige.”
Saige squealed with happiness. “You guys are the best.” She said as she tackled Brooke with a hug.

Soon the cake was gone, presents were unwrapped, and the girls had had their fill of cake fun for the day…Or had they?
Saige finally broke the silence and said, “I’m going to try out that curling iron. What do you say, sistahs?” They once again burst out laughing.

Ruthie nudged Brooke and both of them gasped as Saige made her way toward them.

Her hair hung in soft beachy waves. Not quite ringlets, but not messy either.
Brooke grabbed the camera, gestured for Saige to stand by the birthday banner, and focused the camera on her sister. The flash went off and Brooke examined the picture. She flashed a thumbs-up sign at Ruthie and Saige as the birthday girl wondered what on earth she’d done to have such adoring sisters.
What a perfect birthday it had been.



Ruthie 🙂
Brookie Cookie 
and, Rutvi ♥