What’s In My AG Collection-Books

DSC02173.JPGHey! Today I thought it would be fun to show you what AG books I have, and a little bit about them, such as things I liked/disliked. Onward! DSC02174.JPGThis quiz booklet came with my doll’s cat, Praline. It’s full of fun questions like this: DSC02175.JPG

I loved taking all the quizzes, it was fun. DSC02176.JPGThis one came with my GOML Neela doll.

It was amazing, the events were totally realistic and Neela is such a brave character. DSC02179.JPGGotta love this illustration. 😛 ❤DSC02180.JPGDSC02181.JPGMini Mysteries 2 and 3. These two were my favorite books up until I read Harry Potter. XD 😛DSC02182.JPGThis one came with my Ruthie doll. Ruthie is such a kind and loyal friend, not to mention she is fearless! Kit and Ruthie have always been my favorite historical dolls. DSC02184.JPGDSC02186.JPGSaige came with her first book, and I bought Saige Paints The Sky. First of all, let me just say that I LOVE the covers. The illustrations are so well-done, they’re very eye-appealing. The actual story, well, I can’t say it was exactly my favorite, but it had some parts that I  really liked, like the Day of Beige press conference, and Saige’s hot air balloon ride. DSC02188.JPG(I got this at a garage sale, that’s why her face looks funky) Although my personality and life is nothing like Nicki’s, I loved her book. The journey she had training Sprocket and her friendship with Becca had some ups and downs, but it all worked out fine in the end.  And her hair looks just GORGEOUS on the cover! BTW, the older GOTY books (like this one)  are thicker-they have more pages. I personally like the longer books better, but I understand why they made them shorter. DSC02190.JPGAlthough I didn’t particularly love the Mckenna doll, I LOVED her story. Part of me thinks it’s because I’m a gymnast, too. 🙂 The lesson she learned was a great message to young girls and I’m sure many of them could relate to her struggles at school, too. Her tutor, Josie, is very sweet and smart, fun in her own way. DSC02192.JPGMeet Caroline has some great values stuck in there, I loved how courageous she was. DSC02193.JPGI can’t say this is my favorite, either, it’s not really…enjoyable…but it has some great hygiene tips and could help growing girls. Um. So. Yeah, I’ve got nothing else to say. DSC02196.JPGThis one is full of fun crafts and recipes. Ot even has a poster! It was totally “sweet”! XD DSC02198.JPGI also have Kit’s original book set. I enjoyed reading each one, and in my opinion, Kit’s books were the best. My favorite was Kit’s Surprise, both Kit & Ruthie faced some problems which they figured out in the end. It was interesting to read about the Great Depression.


What’s your favorite AG book?

~Rutvi ❤