Little Buzzing Bumblebee~ a Photoshoot


‘Sup? I haven’t had many opportunities for outdoor photography lately, because it’s been really cold and windy and my dolls would keep falling over. So, just bear with my boring indoor photography till it starts feeling like spring, will ya?

DSC04091That hair though. Like, come on. It’s flawless. Yup, my doll has better hair than me…DSC04092DSC04093DSC04095DSC04096DSC04097DSC04098DSC04099DSC04100DSC04101DSC04102DSC04103DSC04104DSC04106DSC04107DSC04108DSC04089I had a lot of fun playing around with the different settings, both on my camera and on WordPress. 🙂 Oh, and I didn’t realize I took so many photos…oopsie! Don’t forget to tell me which picture was your favorite.


P.S. I know I already posted about this, but…I would love if some of you would check out my other blog, So Sugar Sweet. 😀 Thanks!

“See” you soon!

~Rutvi ❤