Valentine’s Day- a Photostory


I carefully signed my name in the Valentine’s Day card I was making. I had supplies strewn all over the floor of my room and was almost done with my cards when Ruthie and Saige walked in. DSC01402

“Whatcha doin?” Saige asked, peering over at me. DSC01403.JPG

“Making Valentine’s Day cards, duh!” I replied. “Want to help?”DSC01406.JPG

“Of course!”DSC01407.JPG

I motioned for them to come sit by me, and both of my sisters got to work.DSC01410.JPG“How’s this?” Saige queried, waving around a cute card. “Perfect,” I said. Letting Saige help was a great idea- after all, she is the artist in the family! I went back to putting the finishing touches on a pink heart.


That was when I noticed something. Our box of candy was gone! I knew immediately where it was. “Saige!” I yelled. DSC01416

My naughty sister looked up from tearing open the box. “What?” She answered innocently. DSC01419.JPGI snatched the box from her and stashed it behind my back, which made her double over with laughter.DSC01431Suddenly, I became aware of a delicious smell coming from the kitchen. I guessed that Ruthie noticed it too, because she yelled, “COOKIES!!!” and dashed towards the smell.DSC01437.JPGOn the counter, me and my sisters found a pile of mouthwatering cookies and… a note?DSC01438.JPG

I held it out for Ruthie to read. “That’s not Rutvi’s handwriting,” she finally stated. “Yeah,” Saige agreed. “and Rutvi can’t bake to save her life, so… who made these?DSC01439.JPG

Just then, Lucy, our puppy, bounded in and whimpered at my sister’s feet. She looked especially unhappy in the pink necklace Saige had put on her.DSC01440.JPG

Ruthie scooped her up. “Well, guys, I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry! I could use some cookies…”

DSC01441They tasted amazing, let me tell you. Chocolaty, rich, flavorful, and sugary…..DSC01443Saige mumbled through a mouthful of cookies, “Mmmrf, these are *mmmff* delicious!”

DSC01446.JPGSoon the plate was empty, except for a few crumbs, which Lucy ate up in a heartbeat.DSC01448.JPG“Oh, my, those were so good.” Ruthie said. “But who made them?” I wondered out loud.DSC01449.JPGDSC01456.JPGSaige stood up and threw her arms in the air. “It was the dog! The evidence couldn’t be clearer. The pawprint, plus, why else would Lucy be in the kitchen?” I rolled my eyes. “Who are you, Nancy Drew?”                                                                                                                “I’m telling you, it was Lucy!”

DSC01451.JPGRuthie and I looked at eachother and tried not to laugh as we watched our puppy climb on top of Saige’s head.DSC01458.JPG

“What are you looking at?!” She demanded. We were laughing too hard to answer her.


The girls and I wish you a very HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!IMG_5375

This is the picture I entered for American girl Fan’s giveaway. It ends tomorrow, so hurry! And, I know this story was really long, but I really couldn’t help it, so, yeah. 😛


Don’t let Saige get into your candy, guys… haha! 🙂 Have an awesome weekend!