A Tribute To Brownie

This isn’t doll-related. And Brownie is not an AG pet.  So who is Brownie? You might ask. Brownie is my aunt’s dog.

Who died recently.

This is really hard for her, and it upsets me and my family to see her this way. So I decided to have a little post dedicated to Brownie.


You were the best dog ever!  Always playful, never failing to bring a smile to my face. But let’s not dwell on the past. You know you are loved. You will forever be remembered in our hearts. ❤92fc69d0def0c05e13cd6b44f35b38f3 2.jpg


Like I said, this definitely isn’t easy, those of you who have ever lost a pet, I know you understand how it feels. Prayers would be greatly appreciated during this time-It breaks my heart to think that Brownie’s gone, but even more to see my aunt so sad. Thank you so so much for your support.



Just a Girl and Her Dog~a Photoshoot

Hi! It’s your favorite princess  dolly here, Ruthie! 🙂 I got to play in the snow with Honey today, and Rutvi took some amazing pictures to share with you guys! 

DSC01538I tried to throw some snow up in the air and snap a pic. I actually like how it turned out!


I love my puppy ❤DSC01529

I left some footprints in the snow…hehe! DSC01517DSC01537DSC01518

The opportunity to take a photo was so “golden”! Ugh. Bad puns…Sorry, guys. 😛DSC01521DSC01533DSC01532DSC01531


I love the snow in her hair!

Oh, sure, it looks great, but it was cold! 

DSC01528DSC01527DSC01523DSC01520DSC01517DSC01543Thanks for reading!