Fall Lookbook 2016

Here are some fall-inspired outfits for your dolls! You can change the outfits to fit the weather in your area.



Black shirt: made at home by me & my dad

Shorts: From old AG summer outfit

Boots: From AG plaid dress outfit

Flannel: Made from old blue bandana

Hair style: Brushed out, one piece braided & clipped back.



White sweater: From old AG winter outfit {Soft as Snow?}

Black leggings: IDK

Purple Boots: Old AG butterfly twist dress

Beanie: Old AG plaid dress



Off-shoulder crop top: Made from old red bandana
Black tank top: Made from old sock
Cropped leggings: Old AG cat costume
Sneakers: AG Cheerleading Outfit
Choker: Human-sized choker bracelet
Hair pin: Rutvi’s






Review: Lea Clark’s Celebration Dress

Today I’m combining some pictures I took a long time ago with what you, my amazing readers, said you wanted to see. (more reviews, more of Brooke) So, I have some pics of Brooke modeling Lea’s Celebration dress. (I’m not certain she’s wearing the gold shoes that came with the dress. Oops. I will still give you my opinion on them, though.)

Lea’s celebration dress is made of a soft white material. It is sleeveless, and the skirt has 3 ruffly layers. There is intricate embroidery at the neckline and the border of each skirt layer. The thread colors are beautiful and go perfectly with Lea’s tropical theme.

There is a gold belt attached to the dress. It’s thin and sparkly. It adds quite a bit to the dress, though I feel that if the dress didn’t have the belt, it would seem more elegant than it actually is. It might be more convenient if it was removable, then the dress could be fancy or a bit more casual.

The hairband can be used for your doll’s hair or as a necklace. It’s made of beads: here’s a couple of closeups. 

^^she looks like a redhead lol^^

It does a great job of sweeping her hair back and keeping it out of her face.

Three strings of beads, with an elastic band keeping it on her head. It’s a bit chunky and I think the dress is better without the hairband, but it is cute.

^^Closeup of the BEAUTIFUL embroidery^^

{image via ebay, this does NOT belong to me}

The gold espadrilles are absolutely adorable. They have a braided…thing as a layer and make your doll look a bit taller. 😉 They’re like chunky heels. Super cute! They velcro in the back, but anyone can easily slip them on without using the velcro.  They have two straps that wrap around the ankle, and a butterfly with a tiny stone on it. Like a lot of AG shoes, they have a huge tag. I cut it off. Problem solved! 🙂

The dress fits snugly and looks so, so, cute!😍

Bonus photos:

Fun fact: these pictures were taken in my parent’s bathroom! Weird, right? I liked the lighting, it’s really different.


A lot of my you have also been saying that my site keeps crashing. I resized these photos, so it SHOULDN’T crash this time, but do let me know if it does.

Look out for an Outtakes post! 🙂

(This is post number 100! Woo-hooooooooo!!!!!!!!)

Sewing: Orange T-shirt

Hi! I don’t normally sew for my dolls, but I was feeling inspired yesterday and thought, why not? I got the material from Michael’s.DSC04663DSC04664

Because this was hand-sewn, I didn’t hem it. I still like it, though. The length of the shirt is more like a crop-top, but I just pulled Saige’s leggings up higher on her waist. DSC04666.JPGThe shirt is open in the back, because I always forget to leave some extra space- but also so that the shirt fits because I cant just yank it on. I might close the shirt up with ribbon or extra material later.

I did a quick photoshoot of Saige in her new top, enjoy! DSC04667DSC04668DSC04669DSC04670DSC04671Ooh, I love this picture. ❤ 🙂DSC04672DSC04673DSC04675DSC04677DSC04678DSC04679DSC04681

Outfit details-

Tshirt: Made by me

Leggings: Dollie and Me

Shoes: Sandals from AG party dress

Hairstyle: Ponytail

Have a wonderful day!

WAIT. Do you like smoothies?  Idk


What color t-shirt are you wearing right now?

~Rutvi ❤

New Nightgowns for my Dolls!

Hello! My mom is awesome at crocheting and was amazing enough to make nightdresses for all three of the girls. I already had Ruthie’s and Saige’s, but Brooke’s is new. She’s still wearing it. 😛 (Anyone else know that ad? 🎤Everybody crochet tonight…🎤 LOL)


DSC04353What do you think? 🙂

The girls love them!DSC04354DSC04356DSC04358DSC04359DSC04360Back view. DSC04365DSC04367

Do you know how to crochet? 

~Rutvi ❤


Etsy Favorites-March 2016

Hola, como estas? How has your April Fool’s Day been going so far? Mine’s going great, and prank-filled! Mwahaha! 😛

Here are a few of my favorite outfits from Etsy from last month!

*Photos are not mine*

rey ag doll outfit.jpg

  1. This. Is. Adorable.  Made by Jaclynn @Littlehouseofamericangirl, this Rey costume is just too perfect. Her Etsy shop is called Bittybeanies.shortsag.jpg
  2. These look so summery and like something I would wear! From Peppermint Pursuits Etsy shop. (Blog link: Smalldollsinabigworld.com)peppermintpursuits-doll cake.jpg
  3. Also from Peppermint Pursuits is this doll sized cake. Let me just say that it looks really detailed and must’ve taken a long time to make. It looks delicious. *drools*doll outfit blue.jpg
  4. This outfit is so casual, but great for mix-n-match. My dolls would wear the sweater a lot.
  5. cookies                   Can I just say that I’m dying?! DOLL SIZED GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!! *Cookie Monster Voice* MUST GET NOMNOMS!! But seriously, these look so realistic, I can hardly tell that they’re made out of clay. This is from Pippaloo‘s Etsy shop. Samoas are the BEST!


Etsy Favorites~February 2016

Yep, two posts in one day! 😉 I’m going to be sharing a few of my favorite items from Etsy with you guys!

*Photos are not mine*

  1. This cute outfit from ModernDollWorld. Guys, if there’s anything you should know  about me, it’s that I’m a sucker for modern doll clothes-the AG ones are sometimes too cutesy, but this is perfect. 🙂 Buy it HERE.OUTFIT

2. This is such a sweet outfit and Caroline looks just darling in it. Buy it HERE.Minty.jpg

3. I like this- it’s cute on Cecile.. It looks bride-ish. Buy it HERE.ceciledress.jpg

4. This is  ADORABLE! From Kaitlynsdollcloset. You can see Kaitlyn’s blog here and buy the PJ’s here.


5.WHY DO I LOVE THIS SO MUCH LIKE ASDFGHJKL IT’S PERFECT. 😛 Buy this adorbs sweater here!



That’s it! 🙂

Do you have an Etsy shop?

~Rutvi ❤