Doll Sized Finds At Target-CHRISTMAS EDITION🎄

Heyllo, everyone! 🙂 Yesterday I went to Target and found some cute doll-sized stuff in the dollar section. Check it out!

First is this adorable bundle of yarn, I think it would be cute to make a photostory where a doll knits a bunch of scarves for her friends/sisters for a Christmas gift. 😍 It’s the perfect size!

These are Christmas card holders, but let’s be honest, who’s going to use them as card holders when your doll can have a super cute snow globe?!

Great for storage space in your doll’s room or stuffing Santa’s elves into if they put coals in your doll’s stocking.

Looook at thissss. Imagine how cute it’d look with tiny ornaments in your doll’s room!



I’m typing this on the airplane, btw- how cool is that?! I’m SOOOO excited! Unfortunately, I still have to be on this flight for an hour. :[ 

And there’s a shot of the view. 😉

⛪🐮, I can’t wait to land!!!!!!!!!!!!