Bonjour Madamoiselle . Nourris Moi.

Zat eez French for Hello, Madamoiselle. Feed Me. In this photostory, Brooke encounters some very picky food critics who are never satisfied.

Brooke ran about the house, straightening the curtains and nervously biting her fingernails. Some very important guests were about to arrive, and she had to impress them. The doorbell rang and she rushed to get it. Glancing around to make sure the house was spotless, with not a trace of her sister’s messes in sight, she took a deep breath and twisted the handle.

But no one was standing there.

She fumed. She was expecting fancy guests and some kid had decided to ding-dong-ditch her. Rude. Just rude. Disappointed, she pushed the door back in place.

Until someone said, “Look down, Madamoiselle.”

There on her doorstep, were two French…animals? The cat wore a pink beret and the dog sported a bushy mustache.

“You two are adorable!” She laughed. “But Halloween isn’t for a few months. Now, where’s your owner?”

“You see, madam, ve are zee critiques. Ve are here to assess your cooking abilities. So eef you vould kindly let us in, ve shall begin.”

“Um. Okay…sorry, make yourselves at home.” Brooke smiled.

Soon they were settled in, and she squealed to herself. “It’s happening! It’s really happening!”

First she skinned the carrots-

Then she slid a plate in front of the French golden doodle and tabby.
“Vell, is zees main course?” Monsieur Honey asked. “No, sir, it is appetizer.” Brooke informed him.
“I do not like it.” Madame Praline chimed in bluntly. Monsieur Honey agreed. “Oui.”
“Well, maybe you’ll like the main course.” I said confidently.
“Ve shall see.”

I left the critics waiting as I heated up my signature pasta and pizza dish. I flounced into the room ten minutes later carrying two piping-hot plates.
“Very eeenteresting..yes, I do believe I’ll enjoy zees.” I bit my lip to keep the “YES!” from slipping out. Then, Monsieur Honey, the proper, fancy, frenchman, did something I didn’t know he could do.  He dove his muzzle into the pizza. 
Brooke didn’t know if he could eat through his moustache, but he finished it so fast, even Madame Praline stared in shock. “Mm-mm. Oui, zees eez deleecious.” His utensils remained untouched.
The cat took a dainty bite of pasta. “Veery good. Trés bon. Zee flavor is nice- wheech spices did you use?”
Chef Brooke rattled off a list. “Pepper, oregano…..”
“But zere eez one problem…zere eez too leetle sauce so zee noodles are veery dry.”
“Ah.” Brooke nodded.

“Ah, dessert, my favorite part of zee meal.”

Madame Praline chuckled.
Brooke was still preparing the food.
Soon she brought out a large plate, on top of which sat a glorious chocolate cake. And then I remembered. Monsieur Honey would not like me very much if he ate it. He could be hospitalized, er vetrinarian-ized? Madame Praline saw the problem right away. “He cannot eat zat. Chocolate gives him problems.”
I understood. “Well, I can bring you some bread….”
Monsieur Honey was outraged.
“Bread? Dessert? Zees seemply vill not do! Vat do you theenk I am, a dog?”
“Uh, yes.”
“NO! Sveet food eez dessert. Not bread.”
The animal’s laughter followed me into the kitchen. 
An hour later, they were enjoying  criticizing the pie Brooke had made.
“Sveet, but not good. Eet eez not appetizing.”
She facepalmed. Now it was time for the final results.
She wiped her hands on her apron nervously. Her sweaty palms were minced with the scent of oregano and basil.
Madame Praline purred. “Your food eez quite good, you have potential for somevone as young as you. Keep cooking and one day you vill vin a cooking show.” With that, she settled her beret back on her ears.
Brooke smiled. “And you, Monsieur Honey?”
He was silent for a moment, then finally said, “I liked zee pizza. Nice vork.”
She said her thank-yous and goodbyes, and closed the door. The second the critic’s limousine pulled away, Brooke jumped on top of the piano and started dancing.
Ruthie came running. “Who is making that awful sound? Is a chicken dying over there? Oh, nevermind….SAIGE! I TOLD you to practice your guitar in the basement!!!”


this was so fun to make. My favorite line was-
“Bread? Dessert? Zees seemply vill not do! Vat do you theenk I am, a dog?”
Okay, I’ve gotta run. Bye!

Doll Sized Finds: Food+Fashion

As a doll blogger, I pretty much look at tiny things and see if they are a good size for my dolls. Here’s a few things I’ve found recently that I love.
These utensils. *dies* SO CUTE. And they’re the perfect size! I got them at Michael’s, I’d actually seen these several times before I decided to get them. 😉 They are supposed to be charms, but they are great for dolls.


I like how it looks like there’s a plate in front of her. 😛


They come with three sets of spoons, knives, and forks. They are lightweight, and all of my dolls can eat together since there’s exactly enough for all of them. YAY! 😀

Next thing is this little mug. It’s ADORABLE, and even came with a tiny fake flower in it. 🙂 For some reason, I love this thing to pieces.


Ruthie can hold it without tape or a rubberband!


It fits in her hand nicely. Also, look at that cute design! *dies again* I got this from a stationery store I went to on vacation.
The last thing I found is a doll sized choker necklace! These are super trendy right now, and my dolls are  not missing out on the high fashion either. XD This came with a choker set that I got on vacation: It came with a ring, a bracelet, and a necklace. The human-sized bracelet fits perfectly around the doll’s neck. 🙂

What was your favorite find? Are you going to rush to Michaels now? 😉

Have a dollightful day!


A Doll Cooked and Didn’t Fail?!

Hello again! It’s me, Brookie Cookie Brooke, and I’m making dinner for my sisters. Here are my ingredients, all ready to go: *Rutvi’s note: I have no idea how to cook and I probably got the ingredients wrong, but whatever.DSC04153DSC04152DSC04154DSC04155

Why are there grapes? Idk it just looks fancy. DSC04139.JPGOh yeah, and you can’t forget that you have to look the part, too. ☺️DSC04158.JPGSo, yeah, just a little of this… and a little bit of that… and…DSC04161.JPGTa-da!!!! Dinner is served!!

There have been many…mutations when dolls cook… like that one. Oh, and this one… (I’m not complaining though, because pizza is awesome) But, actually, my sisters and I ate my pasta, and none of us exploded or anything, so I guess it was pretty good! XD

Bonus Pictures:



Hello there, Brooke is finally done with her post so I can edit it now. 😉 I think I’m on a streak for making random posts lately… 😛

*Drops mic*



~Rutvi ❤

Etsy Favorites-March 2016

Hola, como estas? How has your April Fool’s Day been going so far? Mine’s going great, and prank-filled! Mwahaha! 😛

Here are a few of my favorite outfits from Etsy from last month!

*Photos are not mine*

rey ag doll outfit.jpg

  1. This. Is. Adorable.  Made by Jaclynn @Littlehouseofamericangirl, this Rey costume is just too perfect. Her Etsy shop is called Bittybeanies.shortsag.jpg
  2. These look so summery and like something I would wear! From Peppermint Pursuits Etsy shop. (Blog link: cake.jpg
  3. Also from Peppermint Pursuits is this doll sized cake. Let me just say that it looks really detailed and must’ve taken a long time to make. It looks delicious. *drools*doll outfit blue.jpg
  4. This outfit is so casual, but great for mix-n-match. My dolls would wear the sweater a lot.
  5. cookies                   Can I just say that I’m dying?! DOLL SIZED GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!! *Cookie Monster Voice* MUST GET NOMNOMS!! But seriously, these look so realistic, I can hardly tell that they’re made out of clay. This is from Pippaloo‘s Etsy shop. Samoas are the BEST!


Tutorial: How to Make a Doll Taco!

Today, I shall show you how to make a doll taco. 😛 You will need:
  1. Craft foam
  2. Glue
  3. A needle and thread
  4. felt
  5. Scissors
 Here are the colors of craft foam you will need. (The last one is dark brown)


Cut a circle of tan felt.


Cut a thin strip of red foam and “chop” it into tiny pieces for tomatoes.



For the cheese, follow the same instructions you did for the tomatoes, except cut small strips instead of squares.


I used ‘Paper Shapers’ scissors to add detail to my lettuce, which was cut from green craft foam.



Sorry this photo is bad, I took these with my phone.

Place your 2 sheets of brown foam on top of each other. Cut tiny abstract pieces to be the meat and/or beans.


Here are all the toppings!


Apply a generous amount of glue to the inside of a circle of felt. Take a pinch of one of your toppings, and spread it around with your fingers. Remember to work fast, before the glue dries. 



Almost done…. fold the circle in half.

I sewed the top of my taco shut, because the glue kept falling apart.


Ruthie is ready to eat…yum!

So, what do you think? Leave me a comment, and have a great day! Bye!

XO, Ruthie