I Thought It Was Punny…

Ruthie, the family’s eldest sister, sat in a corner of Rutvi’s room, clothed in layers of sweaters and vests, swaddled in a blanket drinking hot cocoa and reading a book.

She was enjoying the solitude of a chilly Saturday morning.

Yes, I emphasized was. She was enjoying… until Saige came along.

The redhead took one look at her sister’s outfit, shrieked,

covered her eyes,

and collapsed on the floor.

Ruthie bent over her, trying to figure out what had happened.

Finally Saige sat up, and Ruthie sighed in relief. “Saige! Are you ok?”
“You nearly gave me a heart attack, but yes.” She replied.
“What? Why?”
Saige shuddered. “Your…your outfit! It’s hideous! Those pants look like they’re from the 1700s!”
Ruthie crossed her arms over her chest. “It’s cold.”
Brooke plonked herself right next to her sisters. “I heard some commotion. What was that about?” Saige explained the situation. Brooke rolled her eyes. “I can’t believe I’m related to you-you’re both so dramatic. Honestly, Ruthie, Saige faints all the time.” Ruthie giggled then shook her head.
Brooke whispered something into Saige’s ear. “I think we both know the solution to this,” she continued after a while. “A makeover! We’ll get Ruthie in a cozy but cute outfit, all right?”
Then it was Ruthie’s turn to roll her eyes. ” You have got to be kitten me.” She said. As if on cue, Praline stalked into the room.
Suddenly, Rutvi picked up Pinkyfuzz the Monkey and tossed her at Ruthie.  
“Quit monkeying around!” She yelled.
But they couldn’t. Ruthie’s sisters watched as she  pulled her blanket around her again-

and started to read.
Without looking up, she said, “I really would, but my weekend’s all booked, ok?”
Brooke and Saige turned away, disheartened.

“It’s too bad that she has to bee so busy.” Saige commented. Brooke nodded.


“SAIGE! SAAAAAIGE! Do you know where my soccer ball is? I can’t find it!”
“No, but you can read my book if you’re bored! I think you’ll get a kick out of it!”
“Thanks…but even so, I wonder where it is…”
Brooke murmured. “Hey, I can look under my bed, where the rest of the Things Not Seen must be!” Brooke exclaimed, tucking her own book under her arm.
Saige answered, “Okay, hopefully you get Lucky & find it!”
“Thanks!”Brooke smiled, sprinting to her room.
“What are Sisters for?”

Ruthie walked into the living room, dragging Blossom the Bear behind her. “I’m so beary hungry.” She complained.
Brooke laughed. “I’d think you’d be, after all that reading. Orange you glad I made cookies?”Ruthie pumped her fist and went away to find them.

Saige rode in on Gingersnap, wheezing. “What’s wrong??” Brooke asked, alarmed. “I’m not feeling so good, and my voice is kind of horse. I thought riding Gingie might help.” Brooke replied, “Aww, okay. Hope you feel butter.” As she spread the very same stuff on her toast.
But suddenly…all the dolls looked up as Rutvi cleared her throat. In her hand, she held a fistful of grapes.

“You guys have made a bunch of corny puns today, and you’re not that grape at it.”
She griped. “Okay, we’ll stop now.” Saige coughed, holding back laughter. “Only if you post these pictures, though.” Rutvi relented, and walked away to find her computer. “Thanks for being so undersitting!” Brooke called. “Under…what?” “We would say understanding, but you’re sitting. Soooo…”
Rutvi shot a warning look at her dolls before continuing her post, but laughed inside all the same.

Bonjour Madamoiselle . Nourris Moi.

Zat eez French for Hello, Madamoiselle. Feed Me. In this photostory, Brooke encounters some very picky food critics who are never satisfied.

Brooke ran about the house, straightening the curtains and nervously biting her fingernails. Some very important guests were about to arrive, and she had to impress them. The doorbell rang and she rushed to get it. Glancing around to make sure the house was spotless, with not a trace of her sister’s messes in sight, she took a deep breath and twisted the handle.

But no one was standing there.

She fumed. She was expecting fancy guests and some kid had decided to ding-dong-ditch her. Rude. Just rude. Disappointed, she pushed the door back in place.

Until someone said, “Look down, Madamoiselle.”

There on her doorstep, were two French…animals? The cat wore a pink beret and the dog sported a bushy mustache.

“You two are adorable!” She laughed. “But Halloween isn’t for a few months. Now, where’s your owner?”

“You see, madam, ve are zee critiques. Ve are here to assess your cooking abilities. So eef you vould kindly let us in, ve shall begin.”

“Um. Okay…sorry, make yourselves at home.” Brooke smiled.

Soon they were settled in, and she squealed to herself. “It’s happening! It’s really happening!”

First she skinned the carrots-

Then she slid a plate in front of the French golden doodle and tabby.
“Vell, is zees main course?” Monsieur Honey asked. “No, sir, it is appetizer.” Brooke informed him.
“I do not like it.” Madame Praline chimed in bluntly. Monsieur Honey agreed. “Oui.”
“Well, maybe you’ll like the main course.” I said confidently.
“Ve shall see.”

I left the critics waiting as I heated up my signature pasta and pizza dish. I flounced into the room ten minutes later carrying two piping-hot plates.
“Very eeenteresting..yes, I do believe I’ll enjoy zees.” I bit my lip to keep the “YES!” from slipping out. Then, Monsieur Honey, the proper, fancy, frenchman, did something I didn’t know he could do.  He dove his muzzle into the pizza. 
Brooke didn’t know if he could eat through his moustache, but he finished it so fast, even Madame Praline stared in shock. “Mm-mm. Oui, zees eez deleecious.” His utensils remained untouched.
The cat took a dainty bite of pasta. “Veery good. Trés bon. Zee flavor is nice- wheech spices did you use?”
Chef Brooke rattled off a list. “Pepper, oregano…..”
“But zere eez one problem…zere eez too leetle sauce so zee noodles are veery dry.”
“Ah.” Brooke nodded.

“Ah, dessert, my favorite part of zee meal.”

Madame Praline chuckled.
Brooke was still preparing the food.
Soon she brought out a large plate, on top of which sat a glorious chocolate cake. And then I remembered. Monsieur Honey would not like me very much if he ate it. He could be hospitalized, er vetrinarian-ized? Madame Praline saw the problem right away. “He cannot eat zat. Chocolate gives him problems.”
I understood. “Well, I can bring you some bread….”
Monsieur Honey was outraged.
“Bread? Dessert? Zees seemply vill not do! Vat do you theenk I am, a dog?”
“Uh, yes.”
“NO! Sveet food eez dessert. Not bread.”
The animal’s laughter followed me into the kitchen. 
An hour later, they were enjoying  criticizing the pie Brooke had made.
“Sveet, but not good. Eet eez not appetizing.”
She facepalmed. Now it was time for the final results.
She wiped her hands on her apron nervously. Her sweaty palms were minced with the scent of oregano and basil.
Madame Praline purred. “Your food eez quite good, you have potential for somevone as young as you. Keep cooking and one day you vill vin a cooking show.” With that, she settled her beret back on her ears.
Brooke smiled. “And you, Monsieur Honey?”
He was silent for a moment, then finally said, “I liked zee pizza. Nice vork.”
She said her thank-yous and goodbyes, and closed the door. The second the critic’s limousine pulled away, Brooke jumped on top of the piano and started dancing.
Ruthie came running. “Who is making that awful sound? Is a chicken dying over there? Oh, nevermind….SAIGE! I TOLD you to practice your guitar in the basement!!!”


this was so fun to make. My favorite line was-
“Bread? Dessert? Zees seemply vill not do! Vat do you theenk I am, a dog?”
Okay, I’ve gotta run. Bye!

The Saige Siege

Haha, hey guys! Today I’m going to be doing another outtakes post, but they are all pictures of Saige that I never posted. You can see my first outtakes post here. I call it the Saige Siege because it’s an overload of pictures and it kind of reminds me of our Middle Ages unit in social studies. 🙂 Let’s take a look, shall we?

This is a photostory I made when I was having a lazy day called: Saige’s Guide to Being Lazy 

*snore* This is legit advice on how to have a perfect lazy day, because why not?

So the first thing, which might be totes obvi-is SLEEP! Embrace the laziness. Become the laziness. Worship the laziness.

The next thing you have to do is go on the computer and read this post. It’s not a perfect lazy day unless you do this.

Your next job is to pig out on junk food. Next, visit Youtube and do something useful.

Haha! You didn’t think I was actually being serious, did you? NO WAY. What you’re supposed to do is watch videos of screaming goats. Duh.Bye, and did you learn something new about being lazy? 😛

OH, and who wan’t a behind the scenes pic? I was listening to a song from Taylor Swift’s album Red. Which song do you think it was? Post your guesses in the comments! 🙂

Despite the awful pictures (the lighting in my room is very unnatural and weird when I turn the lights on) I think it was pretty funny. And actually, do tell me what song you think I could have been listening to you. I’m curious to see if one of you gets it right. 😉

Next is a photoshoot!


❤ More old photos, all taken on weird camera settings. 😉 

Every. Single. Photoshoot. 

Git yer carrots here. XD

Ewww, so blurry.Much better! (I actually really ❤ this picture.)

*GASP* I took this the day I got Gingersnap, my horse!!! ❤ ❤ I know he hasn’t been featured on here a lot, but expect a photostory with him in it, coming this summer!


Are you going to watch Finding Dory? 


Then VS. Now!

Kids these days, am I right? XD Everyone knows that things were very different ‘back then’ than they are now. Let’s take a looksies. 😛 

#OOTD“Go play outside, you brat!” (LOL, not really)Um, yeah. Starbucks and pizza. ‘Cause why not?


Ruthie: How does this thing work?????

Brooke: C’mon, Ruthie, let’s take a selfie!

Ruthie: Take a what? Is that a kind of animal? Stealing’s bad, Brooke!

Brooke: Here, I’ll show you. Okay, so just press this button…

Ruthie: There are a lot of buttons.

Brooke: (points) That one.

Ruthie: Oh, got it! Ta-da! 🙂

And that’s it! So, did you enjoy that post? I had a lot of fun making it! And, a disclaimer, it’s totally based on stereotypical things, I’m totally not saying all kids are like that. Thanks for reading!

P.S. Did anyone notice my new sign-off? 😉

P.P.S. You have ONE MORE DAY to ask questions for my Q & A!



A Shadow Named Brooke~a Photostory

I was just minding my own business, reading this really awesome book.
But reading made me sleepy, and pretty soon I set Harry Potter aside.
I pulled the covers up over my face and drifted off…..

A few minutes later, I found myself stroking Praline’s soft gray fur. Thinking of pralines made me hungry, and it was almost lunchtime. My stomach rumbled.
I walked to the kitchen and prepared some pizza for myself. I was just about to take a big bite, when suddenly something caught my eye-Brooke. My youngest sister was cooking something, which wasn’t unusual for her. But it was what she was wearing that made me nearly choke. My dress.
I dropped my pizza and sputtered, “Uh, Brooke? Why-why are you wearing my dress?!”
She smiled. “Well, I wanted to look just like you!”
That was the last thing I remembered before I fainted.  When I finally came to my senses, Brooke was leaning over me. “Would you like some pizza?” She said  sweetly, taking a bite of her own.
“No-no, thank you. I think I’ll go play with my doll.” I said. “Ooh, great idea!” Brooke squealed. I groaned and watched her skip to her room. Five seconds later, she came back clutching her doll, Kit.
“Want to play house?” My sister said eagerly. I agreed wearily.
We played for a while, but my mind was totally not focused on dolls.
Brooke noticed and looked over at me. “How about a break?” She suggested. Victory! “Okay,” I shrugged, secretly relieved. “I’m going to go do my hair…” I awkwardly scooted out of the room.  It was a lame excuse, but I needed some alone time.
But the second I raised the brush to my hair, who should show up but Brooke. “I decided to do my hair too!” She chirped. I excused myself to bed. I tossed-
and turned. It was all too much. Brooke was becoming like my shadow! Finally, I bolted upright and mopped my brow. Phew! It was just a dream.
 I went back to reading my book…
Until I saw someone come through the door. It was Brooke, and she was wearing my purple flowery dress. “Hello!” She greeted.  I threw my book up in the air and yelled, “AAH!”
Confused, shy Brooke called after me. “What? What???  Was it something I said?”
I’d originally posted this on Weebly, but I haven’t made a photostory in a while and I currently don’t have any ideas. I know it hasn’t been long, but I really think my photography has improved from when I started my blog! 😀 😀 😀
Do you have a sister?
~Rutvi ❤

A Hairy Situation~a Photostory

I casually strolled into Saige’s bedroom, and found her (what else) doing her hair.


“Hi!” I greeted. Saige turned. “Oh, hello! How ’bout you hang out with me for a bit, sis?” She grinned. Oh no. Hanging out with Saige could only mean one thing…fashion. ​”Um, I’m okay.” I said, awkwardly scooting out the door.


Saige only laughed and pulled me over to her vanity, where she thrust her hot-pink straightening iron into my arms. “Go find somewhere to plug it in, then I’ll show you how to use it.” She instructed. I reached up and touched my already-stick-straight brown hair. “Uhhh, I don’t think…”
“Go!” My sister commanded. Sometimes I wonder if Saige is blind. Seriously.


I plugged in the straightener and carefully, making sure not to burn myself, carried it over to Saige.



“Great!” Saige smiled.


“See how I’m putting my hair in it and bringing it through?” Saige demonstrated. Disinterested, I said, “Sure, yeah.”


I yawned. As much as I loved my sister, her obsession with fashion and hair wasn’t something we shared.


I grabbed some nail polish and began to paint my  fingernails.


As I blew on my wet nails,  Ruthie tumbled into the room. “Whee, look at me!” She yelled. “Award-winning gymnast coming through!”


I knew what was going to happen before it did. “Ruthie, watch out for-” I tried to warn her.


Just like I’d thought, Ruthie’s legs got caught in the cord from Saige’s straightener. “Help!” She squeaked. I was frozen with horror.


After that, it got chaotic. Everyone screamed at once, including me.


Ruthie collapsed to the floor and Saige clapped a hand to her head. “Ow, ow, ow! It’s HOT!!!” She shouted. “911! 911!”


I comfortingly slid my arm around her shoulders. “Come sit down,” I soothed.


Ruthie looked up at me. “I’m good,” she reassured.


I rushed to get Saige some ice, and she said, “Thanks, Brooke. What would we do without you?”


I blushed and shrugged. Saige continued, “Hey, um, Brooke…” and trailed off.




“…How does my hair look?”

*********************************************************************** Here we go with another one of Saige’s antics! 😉 Hehehe!! Btw, I have a few surprises for you guys… *Commercial voice* Coming soon to a blog near you! 😛