Saige’s surprise

Saige’s POV

DSC01663.JPGUgh. Homework- one of the worst things that’s ever been invented. Today, I had math and was puzzling over what looked like a jumble of letters, numbers, and lines. How am I supposed to know what ‘x’ equals?! I’m not a magician! My frustration melted into curiosity when Ruthie walked in.DSC01664.JPG

“Hey, sis,” She greeted. She looked like she was hiding something behind her back. DSC01668.JPG

“Have you come to drag me out of the bottomless pit of math?” I asked. “Nooo…” my sister said slowly.DSC01670.JPGShe stepped aside and revealed…


” A GUITAR?!” I shouted.  “AWESOME! Who told you?”

“I just knew.” Ruthie smiled. After repeatedly hugging her and squealing, I finally picked up my brand-new instrument.DSC01674.JPG“I can’t wait to learn how to play it!” I said, and dashed off to my room.

Ruthie’s POV

I smiled to myself, thinking about what a great idea it was to get Saige a guitar. She’d been wanting one for a really long time. Suddenly, Brooke walked in, looking troubled.

DSC01675.JPGDSC01679.JPG“You ok?”

DSC01681.JPGShe sighed. “I was trying to read, but Saige is playing the guitar and it’s super distracting.

Meanwhile, upstairs…DSC01684.JPGI strummed a few chords…

In the kitchen…

DSC01687.JPGBrooke slapped her hands over her ears. “Aahhh!!!” I screamed. Now  I finally got what she was talking about.DSC01693.JPGWe covered our ears and ran from the noise. DSC01695.JPG

Saige yelled from upstairs, “Thanks, sissy’s! I’m having a lot of fun with my guitar!!” 🙂

***********************************************************************That was such a fun photostory to make! 😀 The girls have recovered from homework-itis and the sound of Saige’s guitar now, haha. Bye!


~Rutvi ❤