A Doll Day

Hello bloggers! Today I’m going to be sharing some pictures from when my friend Grace came over. 😀 Picture

Saige and Emily, long-lost sisters. 🙂


Brooke.. isn’t she adorable?!
Brooke: Yep, I am! 
Hahaha…very funny 🙂


 Ruthie And Molly, gray-eyed dollies! ❤


 Saige, and Grace, Girl of the year/ freckle buddies! (Wow, I just realized how weird that sounds)

Saige:  Are you done taking that picture yet? Good! *Pushes Grace away* I’M girl of the year! NOT her! LEAVE! 
Grace: *Sighs exasperatedly* You’re so jealous. Imagine how the first girl of the year felt!
Saige: *Speechless* Well…I’m the prettiest GOTY! 
Grace: I got news for ya…
Saige: HEY! 



 Brooke and Grace, both of our newest dolls.


All our dolls! (In the order of when we got them)

Well, all the girls hope you liked seeing those pictures! Bye for now!

~Ruthie 🙂
~saige (who has time for capital letters? not me!)
~Grace ❤


With help from,

~Grace (the human)

~Rutvi ❤