Bonjour Madamoiselle . Nourris Moi.

Zat eez French for Hello, Madamoiselle. Feed Me. In this photostory, Brooke encounters some very picky food critics who are never satisfied.

Brooke ran about the house, straightening the curtains and nervously biting her fingernails. Some very important guests were about to arrive, and she had to impress them. The doorbell rang and she rushed to get it. Glancing around to make sure the house was spotless, with not a trace of her sister’s messes in sight, she took a deep breath and twisted the handle.

But no one was standing there.

She fumed. She was expecting fancy guests and some kid had decided to ding-dong-ditch her. Rude. Just rude. Disappointed, she pushed the door back in place.

Until someone said, “Look down, Madamoiselle.”

There on her doorstep, were two French…animals? The cat wore a pink beret and the dog sported a bushy mustache.

“You two are adorable!” She laughed. “But Halloween isn’t for a few months. Now, where’s your owner?”

“You see, madam, ve are zee critiques. Ve are here to assess your cooking abilities. So eef you vould kindly let us in, ve shall begin.”

“Um. Okay…sorry, make yourselves at home.” Brooke smiled.

Soon they were settled in, and she squealed to herself. “It’s happening! It’s really happening!”

First she skinned the carrots-

Then she slid a plate in front of the French golden doodle and tabby.
“Vell, is zees main course?” Monsieur Honey asked. “No, sir, it is appetizer.” Brooke informed him.
“I do not like it.” Madame Praline chimed in bluntly. Monsieur Honey agreed. “Oui.”
“Well, maybe you’ll like the main course.” I said confidently.
“Ve shall see.”

I left the critics waiting as I heated up my signature pasta and pizza dish. I flounced into the room ten minutes later carrying two piping-hot plates.
“Very eeenteresting..yes, I do believe I’ll enjoy zees.” I bit my lip to keep the “YES!” from slipping out. Then, Monsieur Honey, the proper, fancy, frenchman, did something I didn’t know he could do.  He dove his muzzle into the pizza. 
Brooke didn’t know if he could eat through his moustache, but he finished it so fast, even Madame Praline stared in shock. “Mm-mm. Oui, zees eez deleecious.” His utensils remained untouched.
The cat took a dainty bite of pasta. “Veery good. Trés bon. Zee flavor is nice- wheech spices did you use?”
Chef Brooke rattled off a list. “Pepper, oregano…..”
“But zere eez one problem…zere eez too leetle sauce so zee noodles are veery dry.”
“Ah.” Brooke nodded.

“Ah, dessert, my favorite part of zee meal.”

Madame Praline chuckled.
Brooke was still preparing the food.
Soon she brought out a large plate, on top of which sat a glorious chocolate cake. And then I remembered. Monsieur Honey would not like me very much if he ate it. He could be hospitalized, er vetrinarian-ized? Madame Praline saw the problem right away. “He cannot eat zat. Chocolate gives him problems.”
I understood. “Well, I can bring you some bread….”
Monsieur Honey was outraged.
“Bread? Dessert? Zees seemply vill not do! Vat do you theenk I am, a dog?”
“Uh, yes.”
“NO! Sveet food eez dessert. Not bread.”
The animal’s laughter followed me into the kitchen. 
An hour later, they were enjoying  criticizing the pie Brooke had made.
“Sveet, but not good. Eet eez not appetizing.”
She facepalmed. Now it was time for the final results.
She wiped her hands on her apron nervously. Her sweaty palms were minced with the scent of oregano and basil.
Madame Praline purred. “Your food eez quite good, you have potential for somevone as young as you. Keep cooking and one day you vill vin a cooking show.” With that, she settled her beret back on her ears.
Brooke smiled. “And you, Monsieur Honey?”
He was silent for a moment, then finally said, “I liked zee pizza. Nice vork.”
She said her thank-yous and goodbyes, and closed the door. The second the critic’s limousine pulled away, Brooke jumped on top of the piano and started dancing.
Ruthie came running. “Who is making that awful sound? Is a chicken dying over there? Oh, nevermind….SAIGE! I TOLD you to practice your guitar in the basement!!!”


this was so fun to make. My favorite line was-
“Bread? Dessert? Zees seemply vill not do! Vat do you theenk I am, a dog?”
Okay, I’ve gotta run. Bye!

Bidding Summer a Bookish Farewell

Hey guys, it’s Saige! Saige this is not a Youtube channel

So, one of my favorite blogs, Red Head with a Book, always ends her posts with.

Bidding you a bookish farewell,
Redheadwithabook ❤

It is sadly time to end this summer, and I wanted to bid summer a bookish farewell. 🙂 Here’s a photoshoot of me reading one of my favorite books, with a title that has something to do with my favorite blog.

❤ ❤ ❤






I thought it was funny that I was reading “Meet Kit” in a treehouse because Kit’s dream is to have a tree house!









❤ ❤ ❤



Soaking in the nature……



Bidding summer a bookish farewell,

Home Sweet Home~a Photostory

I am back from vacation, and it feels so, so good! Aaaahhhh, home sweet home. It’s great to be back to my own bed,

My dolls,


and my friends.

But….I’m going to miss a lot of things about where I went, too…

My grandmas. ♥

Simba, the family dog.

The long drives to unforgettable memories.

Traditional food…











My cousins!


I miss you, everyone at my home-away-from-home! ❤ Love you!

It is good to be home, though.


I had a wonderful time on vacation and just got back today!

And yes- Ruthie is supposed to be me in this story. 🙂 😉 She even wore practically the same clothes I’ve been wearing all day, white flats,♥ pants and a plain black t-shirt with glasses. (I wear contacts, but I had Ruthie wear Brooke’s glasses ’cause they look like mine and I wore them on the flight today.


The Star-Spangled Sister~ a Photostory

“Do you see her anywhere?”

“Nope.” Ruthie and Brooke sighed impatiently.

They were waiting for me, since I was riding Gingersnap in the 4th of July parade.I pulled my loyadorable horse along (I made up that word. It’s loyal and adorable put together.) I was decked out in patriotic clothes and excited.“Heeeerreee, Gingie….” I heard the familiar crunching sound of Gingersnap biting a bright, red apple.Brooke pointed. “Look, there she is!’I then mounted my horse and gently steered her forward. “Good boy!” Out of nowhere, my sisters started screaming. “Saigie! Saigie, we’re over here!” I groaned. Not only were they totally embarrassing me by using my childish nickname, they were making Gingie nervous.I cupped my hand and politely waved hello, but they continued to jump up and down.

Suddenly, Gingie gave a snort and tossed his head. He was getting riled up and distracted and I debated whether or not to pull the reins harder to control her. That wouldn’t have worked. I found myself ungracefully jerked away and carried towards Brooke and Ruthie. They were acting like crazy people.  They thought this was part of the show!

I finally got him to stop. “What do you want?” I asked. ” You guys massed up my part of the parade!”

“I don’t think anyone noticed,” Brooke said quietly.

“I’M LEADING THE PARADE! OF COURSE THEY NOTICED!” I exploded. She blinked and shrunk back a little.I’d done the wrong thing. I’d have to apologize later, though-the parade was waiting. Ruthie seemed to be in no hurry as she combed out Gingie’s mane. I was getting very annoyed. “Hurry up, will you?!” Ruthie chuckled. “We always wait for you to brush your hair before we go anywhere. Chill.”

Finally, Gingersnap’s brown mane gleamed and was parade-ready.

I wasn’t…yet.

“Hey, guys….I said sheepishly. Want to lead the parade with me?”

They smiled and gave me a thumbs-up.

“Okay, then. Let’s do this.”

Behind the scenes/bloopers: Hehe, like my ring? 😛 XD

I saw a pretty yellow canary when I was taking the pictures for this post! 🙂 ❤ Saige dropped the reins. Oh dear.


It was a bit awkward taking photos of my dolls on the street in front of my house, and it took a long time for the setup. I definitely got some what is she doing??? kind of stares from people but I didn’t mind too much.

Happy Fourth of July from the crew at Buzz About AG!






Valentine’s Day- a Photostory


I carefully signed my name in the Valentine’s Day card I was making. I had supplies strewn all over the floor of my room and was almost done with my cards when Ruthie and Saige walked in. DSC01402

“Whatcha doin?” Saige asked, peering over at me. DSC01403.JPG

“Making Valentine’s Day cards, duh!” I replied. “Want to help?”DSC01406.JPG

“Of course!”DSC01407.JPG

I motioned for them to come sit by me, and both of my sisters got to work.DSC01410.JPG“How’s this?” Saige queried, waving around a cute card. “Perfect,” I said. Letting Saige help was a great idea- after all, she is the artist in the family! I went back to putting the finishing touches on a pink heart.


That was when I noticed something. Our box of candy was gone! I knew immediately where it was. “Saige!” I yelled. DSC01416

My naughty sister looked up from tearing open the box. “What?” She answered innocently. DSC01419.JPGI snatched the box from her and stashed it behind my back, which made her double over with laughter.DSC01431Suddenly, I became aware of a delicious smell coming from the kitchen. I guessed that Ruthie noticed it too, because she yelled, “COOKIES!!!” and dashed towards the smell.DSC01437.JPGOn the counter, me and my sisters found a pile of mouthwatering cookies and… a note?DSC01438.JPG

I held it out for Ruthie to read. “That’s not Rutvi’s handwriting,” she finally stated. “Yeah,” Saige agreed. “and Rutvi can’t bake to save her life, so… who made these?DSC01439.JPG

Just then, Lucy, our puppy, bounded in and whimpered at my sister’s feet. She looked especially unhappy in the pink necklace Saige had put on her.DSC01440.JPG

Ruthie scooped her up. “Well, guys, I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry! I could use some cookies…”

DSC01441They tasted amazing, let me tell you. Chocolaty, rich, flavorful, and sugary…..DSC01443Saige mumbled through a mouthful of cookies, “Mmmrf, these are *mmmff* delicious!”

DSC01446.JPGSoon the plate was empty, except for a few crumbs, which Lucy ate up in a heartbeat.DSC01448.JPG“Oh, my, those were so good.” Ruthie said. “But who made them?” I wondered out loud.DSC01449.JPGDSC01456.JPGSaige stood up and threw her arms in the air. “It was the dog! The evidence couldn’t be clearer. The pawprint, plus, why else would Lucy be in the kitchen?” I rolled my eyes. “Who are you, Nancy Drew?”                                                                                                                “I’m telling you, it was Lucy!”

DSC01451.JPGRuthie and I looked at eachother and tried not to laugh as we watched our puppy climb on top of Saige’s head.DSC01458.JPG

“What are you looking at?!” She demanded. We were laughing too hard to answer her.


The girls and I wish you a very HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!IMG_5375

This is the picture I entered for American girl Fan’s giveaway. It ends tomorrow, so hurry! And, I know this story was really long, but I really couldn’t help it, so, yeah. 😛


Don’t let Saige get into your candy, guys… haha! 🙂 Have an awesome weekend!