The Star-Spangled Sister~ a Photostory

“Do you see her anywhere?”

“Nope.” Ruthie and Brooke sighed impatiently.

They were waiting for me, since I was riding Gingersnap in the 4th of July parade.I pulled my loyadorable horse along (I made up that word. It’s loyal and adorable put together.) I was decked out in patriotic clothes and excited.“Heeeerreee, Gingie….” I heard the familiar crunching sound of Gingersnap biting a bright, red apple.Brooke pointed. “Look, there she is!’I then mounted my horse and gently steered her forward. “Good boy!” Out of nowhere, my sisters started screaming. “Saigie! Saigie, we’re over here!” I groaned. Not only were they totally embarrassing me by using my childish nickname, they were making Gingie nervous.I cupped my hand and politely waved hello, but they continued to jump up and down.

Suddenly, Gingie gave a snort and tossed his head. He was getting riled up and distracted and I debated whether or not to pull the reins harder to control her. That wouldn’t have worked. I found myself ungracefully jerked away and carried towards Brooke and Ruthie. They were acting like crazy people.  They thought this was part of the show!

I finally got him to stop. “What do you want?” I asked. ” You guys massed up my part of the parade!”

“I don’t think anyone noticed,” Brooke said quietly.

“I’M LEADING THE PARADE! OF COURSE THEY NOTICED!” I exploded. She blinked and shrunk back a little.I’d done the wrong thing. I’d have to apologize later, though-the parade was waiting. Ruthie seemed to be in no hurry as she combed out Gingie’s mane. I was getting very annoyed. “Hurry up, will you?!” Ruthie chuckled. “We always wait for you to brush your hair before we go anywhere. Chill.”

Finally, Gingersnap’s brown mane gleamed and was parade-ready.

I wasn’t…yet.

“Hey, guys….I said sheepishly. Want to lead the parade with me?”

They smiled and gave me a thumbs-up.

“Okay, then. Let’s do this.”

Behind the scenes/bloopers: Hehe, like my ring? 😛 XD

I saw a pretty yellow canary when I was taking the pictures for this post! 🙂 ❤ Saige dropped the reins. Oh dear.


It was a bit awkward taking photos of my dolls on the street in front of my house, and it took a long time for the setup. I definitely got some what is she doing??? kind of stares from people but I didn’t mind too much.

Happy Fourth of July from the crew at Buzz About AG!







Happy Father’s Day 2016!


Hi, and Happy Father’s Day! Here are a couple things you can either show to, print out, or send to your dad to make him feel special for everything he does for you. 🙂

Hope you liked those! Talk later. 🙂

~Rutvi ❤

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope all of you are having a great day. None of my dolls are wearing green, but it’s kind of hard to pinch vinyl…


SO, anyways, I just wanted to tell you what’s going on and what posts you should be expecting to see from me soon.

I’m going on vacation! I can’t say where I’m going, but I will take lots of pictures! I’m planning on brining my mini dolls, Kit and Felicity. 😉 I’m so excited! Also, I’ve been planning to post these, so you will see these soon:

  • a review on Brooke
  • photoshoot of Saige
  • Doll Sized Finds post (s)
  • photoshoots of Brooke
  • photostory featuring all of my dolls.

It’s kind of sad, but as the “middle doll” in my family, Saige hasn’t been getting much attention. So I washed her hair, (it’s SO much smoother now!) and took some photos. She said it made her feel better. 😉 shamrock.jpg

photo credit

~Rutvi ❤