Sisters~a mini AGPS

Okay, I thought these photos were pretty adorable and couldn’t wait to show them to you. Let me know how you liked them in the comments. 🙂DSC04385DSC04387DSC04388 ❤DSC04394DSC04401DSC04400DSC04398DSC04396DSC04390Do you have any AG mini dolls?

~Rutvi ❤


Felicity at the Beach!

YO! 😛 I took some photos of Mini Lissie at the beach when I was on vacation. Here they are! (Felicity is typing in purple.)DSC03323.JPGDSC03321.JPGDSC03244.JPG I got to relax and read a book. It was just marvelous. What would General Washington say?DSC03317.JPGOh, dear, was it hot! Rutvi gave me something called ‘sunscreen’. DSC03320.JPGRutvi was excited when she saw… what was it called, ‘bokeh’? in her photos. DSC03322.JPG

Oh, it was just splendid that I got to go on vacation! I had a wonderful time and it would be delightful if I got to go again!

My Lissie is a colonial girl at heart. XD I had a great time, and I’m so grateful for vacations like these. Peace out!

~Rutvi ❤