Brooke’s Morning Routine+Photoshoot

Hiya there! It’s me, Brooke. I wanted to post today, so I decided to share my morning routine with everyone! Okay, here we go!DSC01733.JPGFirst, of course, wake up.DSC01734.JPGThen I get dressed. (Sssshh…don’t tell Saige I “borrowed” her shirt!)DSC01735.JPGNext, I brush my teeth-DSC01736.JPGand hair.DSC01739.JPG

So smooth! Then I finally get to eat…DSC01740.JPG

PANCAKES!!!! YUM!DSC01744.JPGI also play with Lucy for a bit! She’s so sweet! DSC01745.JPGSadly, now I have to pack my backpack, to get ready for school. 😉DSC01746.JPG

Now I freeze to death wait for the bus. But it was a bit late today, so I got to have a photoshoot! DSC01747.JPG

The wind kept blowing my hair in my face. Ptoo! Blech! It does not taste good! DSC01748.JPGDSC01749.JPGDSC01750.JPGSo, I decided to be kinda poetic. 😛DSC01754.JPGThe leaves have fallen,DSC01753so has the snow,DSC01755

I wish the cold would just go!DSC01756.JPGDSC01757.JPG

Uh oh… I’m late! Bye!

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