Review:Girls Of Many Lands Neela

DSC01544.JPGHello, my fellow humans! 😛 Today I am reviewing the Girls Of Many Lands Neela doll. GOML was a line of dolls AG produced in 2002. They are very pretty, and rare. My aunt found Neela for me over the summer. So! Onto the review.

I didn’t take a comparison photo, but Neela is about 12 inches tall, so that’s as tall as Barbies are. DSC01546.JPG

She has quite beautiful facial features: brown eyes and medium skin. The GOML dolls do not have open mouths like the 18″ dolls. (Well, except for Kaya :D) On her forehead, you might see that little reddish dot thing. That is called a bindi and women wear these in India. DSC01547.JPGA closeup of her outfit: It is an orange saree (a traditional indian outfit) with Silver embellishments stiched on. It is very well-made and has a lot of detail. DSC01548.JPGHer blouse is orange with a bit of a shimmer, and the sleeves stop right above her elbow. DSC01549.JPGHere is the bottom. This part of her saree is pleated and has the same little design. DSC01550.JPGThese strings close up her blouse. They are really intricate, so I’m not sure if they can be undone. I do not ever change Neela out of her outfit, since I don’t want to mess it up.DSC01551.JPGShe comes on a doll stand, like all the GOML dolls. It is kinda hard to snap her legs in there because of her dress. DSC01552.JPGNeela’s hair runs down her back in a neat plait. It is very soft and has a pretty faux flower tucked into it. Her hair is pulled back very nicely. DSC01555.JPGShe comes wearing gold earrings two gold necklaces. They don’t come off. The gold chain is sort of a big part of her story, but I don’t want to spoil it for you, so let’s move on. 🙂DSC01556.JPG She has a lot of jewelry! These gold bangles are so cute! Also, she has silver anklets on her feet.DSC01557.JPGHer head is poseable-I love that! You can tilt it this way-DSC01558.JPGor that way. 🙂DSC01560.JPGHer arms can move like a Barbie’s.

Neela: I’m freeeeee! 

LOL… Neela’s book, Victory Song has a really good story, I loved it!

DSC01564.JPGNeela is a really pretty doll, and I’m so happy to have her! Here’s what I rate her:

Doll: 5 stars

Outfit: 5 stars

Jewelry: 5 stars

Hair: 5 stars

Stand: 4 stars (I wish they could have decorated it a little more, plus the difficulty with her legs)

Overall rating: 4.8 stars


If you find a GOML doll anywhere for a good price, BUY HER! You will not be disappointed! Haha! 🙂