Fall Lookbook 2016

Here are some fall-inspired outfits for your dolls! You can change the outfits to fit the weather in your area.



Black shirt: made at home by me & my dad

Shorts: From old AG summer outfit

Boots: From AG plaid dress outfit

Flannel: Made from old blue bandana

Hair style: Brushed out, one piece braided & clipped back.



White sweater: From old AG winter outfit {Soft as Snow?}

Black leggings: IDK

Purple Boots: Old AG butterfly twist dress

Beanie: Old AG plaid dress



Off-shoulder crop top: Made from old red bandana
Black tank top: Made from old sock
Cropped leggings: Old AG cat costume
Sneakers: AG Cheerleading Outfit
Choker: Human-sized choker bracelet
Hair pin: Rutvi’s






A Royal Dream~Part 1

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Week 7, Day 3 of Camp Dolliwatha. In case you don’t know, my theme is fantasy/fairytale! I haven’t been able to post during the week, obviously, so I’m making up for it this weekend. 🙂 I picked a bad time to do this, though, so my Camp Dolliwatha posts are kind of scattered. 😦 Anyways, I didn’t want to pressure myself into blogging this past week, what with school and sports starting back up. :/

Here’s part one of a very royal photostory…

When Brooke woke up, her head rested on a soft, cloud-like pillow. The blankets, instead of being carelessly wrinkled and tossed around, were carefully arranged. Her folded hands held a rose. Her pale green nightgown felt soft against her skin. Wait…nightgown? She’d gone to sleep wearing sweatpants and Ruthie’s old soccer jersey…
On a normal school morning, Brooke would wake up 10 minutes before her bus came. She’d quickly throw on a t-shirt and shorts, shovel cereal into her mouth, and literally run to her bus stop. But not today. Her outfit was set out for her, a pink dress and a pink tiara. She shuddered. So much pink. She put it on anyway.
The room was pink like her dress. It felt oddly like being inside a large bubblegum. Brooke made herself down the very royal staircase, only to find a very royal sitting room, and outside it, a royalkitchen bustling with royal maids.
One of them gasped at the sight of her and then smiled. “Princess Brooke Rosalie must be hungry!” She exclaimed. “I am?” Brooke said, confused. Honestly, she’d lost her appetite at the sight of the puffy pink dress. After complimenting her dress, hairstyle, and shoes, the maids served her tea-and yes, in a very royal teacup.
One of the innocent maids informed her that tonight was the night of a ball! But she couldn’t care less about meeting a prince.
And then she was running. From what, she didn’t know, to where, she didn’t know either. But still she ran.


Her sandals began to make her feet ache and she was tempted to take them off. It wasn’t the only thing bothering her. Her crown felt heavy on her head.
She took it off and flung it into the grass. The princess resumed her running, then stopped and glanced back.
The tiara glinted in the green leaves. She didn’t go back for it.
Back in the castle, the maids screeched. Princess Brooke Rosalie was missing.

And that ends part 1!
Bonus photos:




 How’d you like that? Part 2 coming tomorrow!

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Camp Dolliwatha, Week Seven: Make your doll into a Knight in Shining Armor!

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to week seven of Camp Dolliwatha! My theme is Fantasy/Fairytale. 🙂

Loren, Clara, Marissa, Josie, Grace, Anna, and I have been working hard to come up with crafts- and their posts were great, so be sure to check them out! 🙂 Here’s how to turn your doll into a knight in shining armor.

You will need a lot of tinfoil, scissors, a doll dressed completely in black, and tape.

Start by ripping/cutting out rectangles of foil. Two smaller ones for the arms, a larger one for the bodice, and two medium-sized ones for the legs.

Wrap the foil around your doll’s arms. Always do arms first! Here you can see that her arms are finished and that she has a large piece of tinfoil on top that looks like a poncho.

Wrap that around your doll’s stomach to get something like this:

Half done! 😀

I polished up my mistakes- in this photo, you can see that the top of her “armor” looks less sloppy. To do this, just take pieces of foil and cover any open areas. It should resemble a long-sleeve t-shirt.

Now take the pieces that you’d cut out for the leg and d what you did for the arms. Wrap it around, and tape in place if needed.DSC07665Now, you have two options for this. You can either just wrap it around your doll’s waist like a skirt, and tape in the back, OR you can put the sheet under the doll, and fold it up on her diaper-style. XD I went with the second option.

Here she is, in all her glory!!!

This. Is. So. Uncomfortable. 

She was pretty much falling over when I tried to get this pic XD

Now it’s time to make a fun prop. Materials needed:

I used thick white craft foam for the sword, in case you were wondering. 😉 

Cut out pieces shaped like this. The one on the right is basically a T shape. 

Take that one, and a long piece of black electrical tape. Wrap it around the handle of the T.

Now, cover it with tape,

Trim off any excess,

Until you are satisfied. (The handle ended up being too long, so I cut it after I took this photo)

For the blade, cover the triangular shape with a smaller piece of foil. Trim. Because I was lazy, I just taped it onto the handle. 😉 As a detail, I used some shimmery nail polish on the handle.I think it looks pretty cool! 😀

Now for some extra pictures: 

A brave knight and a fine steed. <3<3 ❤ ❤

Did you like this craft? It is a bit time-consuming, but worth it in the end! 🙂 If you do make this, email Loren (happyhouseofag@gmail.com)  up to 3 pictures and they will be featured in her Camp Dolliwatha recap post on Saturday.


Review: Lea Clark’s Celebration Dress

Today I’m combining some pictures I took a long time ago with what you, my amazing readers, said you wanted to see. (more reviews, more of Brooke) So, I have some pics of Brooke modeling Lea’s Celebration dress. (I’m not certain she’s wearing the gold shoes that came with the dress. Oops. I will still give you my opinion on them, though.)

Lea’s celebration dress is made of a soft white material. It is sleeveless, and the skirt has 3 ruffly layers. There is intricate embroidery at the neckline and the border of each skirt layer. The thread colors are beautiful and go perfectly with Lea’s tropical theme.

There is a gold belt attached to the dress. It’s thin and sparkly. It adds quite a bit to the dress, though I feel that if the dress didn’t have the belt, it would seem more elegant than it actually is. It might be more convenient if it was removable, then the dress could be fancy or a bit more casual.

The hairband can be used for your doll’s hair or as a necklace. It’s made of beads: here’s a couple of closeups. 

^^she looks like a redhead lol^^

It does a great job of sweeping her hair back and keeping it out of her face.

Three strings of beads, with an elastic band keeping it on her head. It’s a bit chunky and I think the dress is better without the hairband, but it is cute.

^^Closeup of the BEAUTIFUL embroidery^^

{image via ebay, this does NOT belong to me}

The gold espadrilles are absolutely adorable. They have a braided…thing as a layer and make your doll look a bit taller. 😉 They’re like chunky heels. Super cute! They velcro in the back, but anyone can easily slip them on without using the velcro.  They have two straps that wrap around the ankle, and a butterfly with a tiny stone on it. Like a lot of AG shoes, they have a huge tag. I cut it off. Problem solved! 🙂

The dress fits snugly and looks so, so, cute!😍

Bonus photos:

Fun fact: these pictures were taken in my parent’s bathroom! Weird, right? I liked the lighting, it’s really different.


A lot of my you have also been saying that my site keeps crashing. I resized these photos, so it SHOULDN’T crash this time, but do let me know if it does.

Look out for an Outtakes post! 🙂

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Review: PWP Summer Hoodie Set


Sorry XD my brother’s eating watermelon so…yeah!

Hey, everyone! Arianna requested a review of this outfit, so here it is. But before we get into that, I just want to ask: How many of you can see the pictures in my latest posts? I can usually see them just fine but once in a while I can’t.I don’t know what’s up with that, does anyone know how to fix it? :O I just really hope I figure it out because I spend a lot of time taking pictures and even longer putting them into the post.  Christian Homeschooler suggested it might be because some people are not logged into a google account. So I logged out of mine, and then I couldn’t see the pictures. So maybe you are right about that…I’m so sorry! I am trying to fix it, I promise. 🙂


Let’s start with the top.

It is a white sleeveless hoodie, made with stretchy ribbed material. It’s fairly easy to put on, and it’s not bulky at all.The hood came like this, folded to one side. I like it flat because when I tried to unfold it, It looked like an empty little bag so I just kept it this way.  You could probably straighten it, though. You can see that it comes that way by looking at the pictures from the AG website.This polka-dotted fabric lines the inside of the hood. The hood on Ruthie’s head. It sort of messed up her hair, and who needs a hood in summer? But I guess it’s cute. It gives her a kind of tough look, which I like.

Closeup of the design. There’s a small blue AG tag. Some AG outfits have the standard metal tag, while some have a cloth one. The skirt has a tag identical to the one on the shirt. It’s sorta kinda unnecessary. It’s made of the same material lining the hoodie, and I like that. Lastly, the bracelet! It’s made of colorful beads and elastic cord. It matches the shirt perfectly: It’s a fun and summery accessory. Plus, it can be worn as an anklet! 🙂 

Footsies! 😛



Practicality: 3/5 (You could make the bracelet yourself, and the skirt’s  a little too short.)

Cuteness: 5/5

Worth it: 4/5 (While it’s VERY cute and summery, it doesn’t come with shoes. But considering it was a PWP and costed less, I will say it was worth the $$$.) 🙂

Realistic: 5/5 {Meaning would I wear it or not (Yes!)

Extra pics:

I hope that was helpful, and as always, feel free to request any post in the comments! I’m always happy to do reviews or any other post.

Ending post #80 on my blog,

P.S.Look out for a few surprises…coming soon to  So Sugar Sweet! 🙂

Rainbow Sherbet-an AGPS


Hi! I had a coupon for AG and got 4 new outfits! I can’t wait to show this one to you. It was a PWP and although it doesn’t come with shoes, it looks really cute with the ones from the seaside fun outfit. 🙂 I had Ruthie try it on- she looks super sporty and chic! She also reminded me of a rainbow sherbet because of all the colors, and, well, you know, summer= ice cream…🍦 XD 

This is my favorite photo.<3

Did you have a favorite? 🙂

What’s your favorite thing about Summer?

Emerald Forest


It’s been a while.

well not really

Hi! I’m back, and I’m so sorry for the lack of posts recently but don’t say I didn’t warn ya.


So, my dad and I recently made this top for Ruthie. It’s a pretty emerald color and brings out her eyes, but I don’t think it’ll last very long- the material is really thin. :/ Oh well, I took some pictures of her because she’s been needing some attention, and what better way to steal the spotlight than with a new outfit?

Focus on the flower…

Focus on the boot. 🙂

I made her skirt, too. It was so easy- all you have to do is cut out two pieces of fabric for the front and back of it. Place them good side to good side, and secure with hot glue. Wait for it to dry. Turn  it inside out, and you’re done! My skirt is made of a stretchy material, so I just have to slip it on. 😉

Have a great week, guys!

P.S. I know this is random but I just got a new shirt that has Rey and BB-8 on it! Aaaaah! And it’s PURPLE! Okay, you can go now. XD


~Rutvi ❤

~Ruthie ❤