It’s Pi Day!

HEY. Can we just pretend today is March 14? Okay, good. 😉


XD The only reason I know that many (ok, so it’s not THAT much ^_^) digits is that in fourth grade, I had this one really annoying friend who would always talk about math and how great he was at it, et cetera. And he made me and my friend memorize some of the digits of pi. IT WAS TORTURE. XD Now that I’ve finished my little rant/story thing, we can move on. DSC02366.JPGIt’s me,  Brooke! I made a pi pie for my sisters! It was delicious…DSC02371.JPG


This is kind of short, hope you guys don’t mind…:) Would you like a tutorial on Brooke’s hairstyle? Comment down below!

Do you like pie?

~Rutvi ❤