The 2016 Dollympics: Gymnastics

Gymnastics. One of the most dangerous sports in the world. But these fearless three women are up for the challenge- meet the Innerstar U gymnastics team, Saige Copeland, Brooke Adams, and Ruthie Smithens!

Saige walks into the gym wearing a cute warm-up outfit, carrying a drink from Starbucks. Her  hair is swept back in a high ponytail which shows off her beautiful waves.


She gives a wave to the crowd and begins her floor routine!                                            


And she finishes her routine in a split. Something old, but Copeland is keeping  it classy!

Brooke Adams, a rookie gymnast, (it’s her first time competing in the Dollympics) has become loved dearly among her fans. They call her Brookie Cookie, just like her sisters!  😉

Here she is, pre-games, stretching.

Brooke’s floor pass begins with a side aerial, followed by a half twist. She shoots herself into the air perfectly, but her landing is a bit rough.Minor deduction, so she shakes it off, keeps going.

She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath… then runs into her next pass.

After Adams sticks the landing on her front handspring, front tuck, she launches into a dive roll. The photographers couldn’t keep up with her amazing speed!

Breathlessly waving to the crowd. 🙂
Our last contestant of the day, Ruthie Smithens, enters the gym in a sporty outfit: Gym shorts and an ‘I ❤ Gymnastics’ tee. Here she is warming up before her big performance.
Ruthie holds a flower given to her by a little fan-how sweet!

Side aerial.
Double back handspring, finished with a tuck jump.
I think this is a skill she made up herself…

 Saige Copeland is back, this time on beam.

Before mounting the beam.

Cartwheel onto the beam,

Her foot slips. Did the judges catch that?

Front walkover.

After a few more skills, Saige dismounts the beam with a full twist. Impressive!

Ruthie begins her vault with a deep breath and powerful running.


A second delay, but she makes it over with success and a big smile!
Brooke is not competing in event two, so we will now switch to bars.
Here she is!
A few more swings, and she dismounts. Perfect landing!
Mounting the bar.
And a dismount. Nice!
Ruthie is not participating in round three.

Tremendous effort has gone into these three girl’s routines. Great job, and good luck!

Make sure you check out Meg and Michelle’s blog, and Ginnie’s blog for more awesome Dollympics posts! Thanks for reading!

With love, the girls, Meg, Michelle, Ginnie, and Rutvi ❤




Floundering in the Pool~a Photostory

It was a perfect summer day, and I was about to spend it at the pool with my sister Ruthie. I caked on sunscreen, then settled down to relax in a lounge chair. 

“Ahhhh… I could get used to this.” 

Ruthie then poked my shoulder and I sat up. “Are you going to actually go in the pool?”

I replied, “Well…” Looking at the inviting chair loaded with snacks and towels, I hadn’t planned on it.

“That’s why we came here.”

“Okay, I guess. I dipped my legs into the water but jumped back immediately. “It’s f-f-f-reezing!” Finally I decided to just take a chance and jump in. Here goes nothing…

It wasn’t so bad! I swam around a bit, until I saw something cool- a raft! Score! Now I could relax-and Ruthie couldn’t complain,  I was in the pool, after all. I yawned. I’ll just lie here for a while. Closing my eyes, I slowly drifted off to sleep.I was once again rudely awoken by splashes of water on my face. I sat up on the raft- I couldn’t believe my eyes! This is what I saw, sitting on the edge of the pool.A mermaid, combing her hair…with a fork? She cheerfully slapped her tail against the water again, sending shimmery droplets flying everywhere. “Hi! She waved. I’m Ariel!” I swam under the surface to get a better look at her tail.

Oh. My. Gosh. THE Ariel? As in, my favorite disney princess, Ariel?! “H-h-h-i!” I stammered. I scolded myself mentally, You’re meeting a princess, and now you choose to be shy? Loosen up! Pretty soon, we were swimming around and having TONS of fun. 

Ariel told me all about her friends, Sebastian and Flounder, as she combed out her already flawless red curls. I was in awe watching the princess swim gracefully. We started horsing around, and I thought I might never get out of the pool! Then, Ariel flipped my raft over and sent me under the surface. I was not expecting that!I swam around, trying to get to the surface, but Ariel was gone. I shrugged and climbed up on the raft, smiling to myself.

I woke up on the raft. Sitting up eagerly, I scanned the pool for the Little Mermaid. She was nowhere to be seen…I was disappointed. I carefully climbed out of the water and onto the lounge chair, where Ruthie was shamelessly eating my Cheez-its. “Oh, there you are!” She said. “I thought you were going to stay on that raft forever.”

Confused, I asked, “Where’s Ariel?”


“C’mon, Ruthie, stop playing games!”

“I’m not!”

“Well, I met the Little Mermaid and I want to know where she went!” I was hysterical by now. 

She was silent for a second and then burst out laughing. “Brookie, you fell asleep! You were dreaming.”

“Wait. You mean I didn’t actually meet Ariel? I didn’t see a mermaid tail?”

Biting her lip, Ruthie answered, “Nope.”

“Oh. Well. I guess we can leave, then…” I finished awkwardly. As I walked out disappointed and wrapped in a fluffy towel, I glanced at the pink raft floating around the pool.

On top lay a shiny sliver fork.

~Rutvi ❤

A Golden Time For Pictures

Hi! I took these pictures of Ruthie at golden hour yesterday, and here they are. Some scenery pics are also included at the end. 😀 


Aw, she looks so tiny. ♥

Flip flops! 😀

❤ ❤ ❤

I don’t even know why I like these two so much. 😛 XD

Did you have a favorite? Which one was it? 🙂 

(tbh I’m getting really tired of this sign-off. xD I can’t wait until Fall so I can change it. :O )


The Saige Siege

Haha, hey guys! Today I’m going to be doing another outtakes post, but they are all pictures of Saige that I never posted. You can see my first outtakes post here. I call it the Saige Siege because it’s an overload of pictures and it kind of reminds me of our Middle Ages unit in social studies. 🙂 Let’s take a look, shall we?

This is a photostory I made when I was having a lazy day called: Saige’s Guide to Being Lazy 

*snore* This is legit advice on how to have a perfect lazy day, because why not?

So the first thing, which might be totes obvi-is SLEEP! Embrace the laziness. Become the laziness. Worship the laziness.

The next thing you have to do is go on the computer and read this post. It’s not a perfect lazy day unless you do this.

Your next job is to pig out on junk food. Next, visit Youtube and do something useful.

Haha! You didn’t think I was actually being serious, did you? NO WAY. What you’re supposed to do is watch videos of screaming goats. Duh.Bye, and did you learn something new about being lazy? 😛

OH, and who wan’t a behind the scenes pic? I was listening to a song from Taylor Swift’s album Red. Which song do you think it was? Post your guesses in the comments! 🙂

Despite the awful pictures (the lighting in my room is very unnatural and weird when I turn the lights on) I think it was pretty funny. And actually, do tell me what song you think I could have been listening to you. I’m curious to see if one of you gets it right. 😉

Next is a photoshoot!


❤ More old photos, all taken on weird camera settings. 😉 

Every. Single. Photoshoot. 

Git yer carrots here. XD

Ewww, so blurry.Much better! (I actually really ❤ this picture.)

*GASP* I took this the day I got Gingersnap, my horse!!! ❤ ❤ I know he hasn’t been featured on here a lot, but expect a photostory with him in it, coming this summer!


Are you going to watch Finding Dory? 


Brooke’s Outdoorsy Weekend

Hello, hello!

You know how most moms have to go up and tell their kids to go outside and play? Not with me! I’m actually pretty proud of that. I’m a nature lover and decided to spend my Saturday outdoors. DSC04464DSC04466DSC04465DSC04469DSC04474Lil’ Lissie came out to play, too. 😉 DSC04480DSC04481DSC04479DSC04484DSC04485Life’s good, Lissie…Life is good. 😛DSC04490DSC04491DSC04492***

Hi everyone! I, like Brooke, spent my Saturday afternoon outside- taking pictures.  It was a lot of fun, and, yes, I did put Brooke in a tree for the last two pictures, though if I hadn’t done that with my other dolls ages ago, I probably wouldn’t have in fear of my new doll getting any scuffs or scratches. 🙂



~Rutvi ❤


🙂 ❤ 🙂

A Doll Day

Hello bloggers! Today I’m going to be sharing some pictures from when my friend Grace came over. 😀 Picture

Saige and Emily, long-lost sisters. 🙂


Brooke.. isn’t she adorable?!
Brooke: Yep, I am! 
Hahaha…very funny 🙂


 Ruthie And Molly, gray-eyed dollies! ❤


 Saige, and Grace, Girl of the year/ freckle buddies! (Wow, I just realized how weird that sounds)

Saige:  Are you done taking that picture yet? Good! *Pushes Grace away* I’M girl of the year! NOT her! LEAVE! 
Grace: *Sighs exasperatedly* You’re so jealous. Imagine how the first girl of the year felt!
Saige: *Speechless* Well…I’m the prettiest GOTY! 
Grace: I got news for ya…
Saige: HEY! 



 Brooke and Grace, both of our newest dolls.


All our dolls! (In the order of when we got them)

Well, all the girls hope you liked seeing those pictures! Bye for now!

~Ruthie 🙂
~saige (who has time for capital letters? not me!)
~Grace ❤


With help from,

~Grace (the human)

~Rutvi ❤


Just a Girl and Her Dog~a Photoshoot

Hi! It’s your favorite princess  dolly here, Ruthie! 🙂 I got to play in the snow with Honey today, and Rutvi took some amazing pictures to share with you guys! 

DSC01538I tried to throw some snow up in the air and snap a pic. I actually like how it turned out!


I love my puppy ❤DSC01529

I left some footprints in the snow…hehe! DSC01517DSC01537DSC01518

The opportunity to take a photo was so “golden”! Ugh. Bad puns…Sorry, guys. 😛DSC01521DSC01533DSC01532DSC01531


I love the snow in her hair!

Oh, sure, it looks great, but it was cold! 

DSC01528DSC01527DSC01523DSC01520DSC01517DSC01543Thanks for reading!