Sewing: Orange T-shirt

Hi! I don’t normally sew for my dolls, but I was feeling inspired yesterday and thought, why not? I got the material from Michael’s.DSC04663DSC04664

Because this was hand-sewn, I didn’t hem it. I still like it, though. The length of the shirt is more like a crop-top, but I just pulled Saige’s leggings up higher on her waist. DSC04666.JPGThe shirt is open in the back, because I always forget to leave some extra space- but also so that the shirt fits because I cant just yank it on. I might close the shirt up with ribbon or extra material later.

I did a quick photoshoot of Saige in her new top, enjoy! DSC04667DSC04668DSC04669DSC04670DSC04671Ooh, I love this picture. ❤ 🙂DSC04672DSC04673DSC04675DSC04677DSC04678DSC04679DSC04681

Outfit details-

Tshirt: Made by me

Leggings: Dollie and Me

Shoes: Sandals from AG party dress

Hairstyle: Ponytail

Have a wonderful day!

WAIT. Do you like smoothies?  Idk


What color t-shirt are you wearing right now?

~Rutvi ❤