Life Is Sweet!~a Photoshoot

Happy March! Wow, guys, the weather has been so off and on lately! I literally took this picture two days ago,DSC01764 and today, I have this:DSC01778WOW. But yeah, lets get into another 😛 photoshoot! DSC01779.JPG

Her hair looks so cute! She reminds me of Molly!


I totally photobombed this one. xD

DSC01782DSC01783.JPGDSC01785.JPGDSC01786.JPGDSC01787.JPGWhat do you think of her bracelet? I made it!


Is that…BOKEH? YES!

DSC01791.JPGDSC01794.JPGDSC01799.JPGDSC01800.JPGDSC01801.JPGDSC01802.JPGDSC01804.JPGIt looks so mysterious and spooky…:)DSC01807.JPGI’m glad I got such a clear view of her eyes in this pic.DSC01808.JPGMy favorite! ❤

~Rutvi 😀


Just a Girl and Her Dog~a Photoshoot

Hi! It’s your favorite princess  dolly here, Ruthie! 🙂 I got to play in the snow with Honey today, and Rutvi took some amazing pictures to share with you guys! 

DSC01538I tried to throw some snow up in the air and snap a pic. I actually like how it turned out!


I love my puppy ❤DSC01529

I left some footprints in the snow…hehe! DSC01517DSC01537DSC01518

The opportunity to take a photo was so “golden”! Ugh. Bad puns…Sorry, guys. 😛DSC01521DSC01533DSC01532DSC01531


I love the snow in her hair!

Oh, sure, it looks great, but it was cold! 

DSC01528DSC01527DSC01523DSC01520DSC01517DSC01543Thanks for reading!