The 2016 Dollympics: Gymnastics

Gymnastics. One of the most dangerous sports in the world. But these fearless three women are up for the challenge- meet the Innerstar U gymnastics team, Saige Copeland, Brooke Adams, and Ruthie Smithens!

Saige walks into the gym wearing a cute warm-up outfit, carrying a drink from Starbucks. Her  hair is swept back in a high ponytail which shows off her beautiful waves.


She gives a wave to the crowd and begins her floor routine!                                            


And she finishes her routine in a split. Something old, but Copeland is keeping  it classy!

Brooke Adams, a rookie gymnast, (it’s her first time competing in the Dollympics) has become loved dearly among her fans. They call her Brookie Cookie, just like her sisters!  😉

Here she is, pre-games, stretching.

Brooke’s floor pass begins with a side aerial, followed by a half twist. She shoots herself into the air perfectly, but her landing is a bit rough.Minor deduction, so she shakes it off, keeps going.

She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath… then runs into her next pass.

After Adams sticks the landing on her front handspring, front tuck, she launches into a dive roll. The photographers couldn’t keep up with her amazing speed!

Breathlessly waving to the crowd. 🙂
Our last contestant of the day, Ruthie Smithens, enters the gym in a sporty outfit: Gym shorts and an ‘I ❤ Gymnastics’ tee. Here she is warming up before her big performance.
Ruthie holds a flower given to her by a little fan-how sweet!

Side aerial.
Double back handspring, finished with a tuck jump.
I think this is a skill she made up herself…

 Saige Copeland is back, this time on beam.

Before mounting the beam.

Cartwheel onto the beam,

Her foot slips. Did the judges catch that?

Front walkover.

After a few more skills, Saige dismounts the beam with a full twist. Impressive!

Ruthie begins her vault with a deep breath and powerful running.


A second delay, but she makes it over with success and a big smile!
Brooke is not competing in event two, so we will now switch to bars.
Here she is!
A few more swings, and she dismounts. Perfect landing!
Mounting the bar.
And a dismount. Nice!
Ruthie is not participating in round three.

Tremendous effort has gone into these three girl’s routines. Great job, and good luck!

Make sure you check out Meg and Michelle’s blog, and Ginnie’s blog for more awesome Dollympics posts! Thanks for reading!

With love, the girls, Meg, Michelle, Ginnie, and Rutvi ❤




The 2016 Dollympics

Hi, everyone, I’m really sorry for abandoning blogging for almost 2 weeks. When I get back from vacation on August 8, I’m going to start something called the Dollympics. Each day I’ll post a mini photostory/photoshoot centered around a different sport. Just thought I’d give you a heads-up on that! Your job will be to give the doll an Olympics Score for each performance.

ALSO, I will be teaming up with Ginnie at Faking it Mostly and Meg and Michelle from Canadian Doll Notebook for the Dollympics! I was ecstatic that they asked me, and we have been hard at work planning.


Questions? I’d be happy to answer. 🙂

Let the dollympics begin!

~Rutvi ❤

Flip-Flop? Or Just Flop?

It’s been forever since I’ve made a photostory, so I decided to make one today! 🙂 I hope you enjoy, if you did, leave a comment! ❤

Brooke chanted, “Give me a S! Give me a T! Give me an A! Give me a R! GOOOOOO, team STARS!!!!!!!!” Then she began to run into a handspring. 

But…she wasn’t much of a gymnast, and three seconds after throwing herself in the air, Brooke found herself lying on her back, panting hard.“Ugh! I’ll never be able to do this!”Ruthie had been watching her sister practice her cheers for a few minutes, and wasn’t sure whether to be amused or help her. “I guess I’ll help,” she finally decided. So she quickly ran back inside and grabbed a practice mat. “Need some help?” She called. Brooke looked up from another knee-landing on her flip-flop. “You’d do that for me?” Ruthie nodded. She ran up and hugged her. “Wait…but you’re not a cheerleader.”

“I’m a gymnast, I can teach you tumbling.” Her sister/ mentor-to-be laughed. After setting up the mat together, Brooke and Ruthie started right away. Very patiently, Ruthie explained every step of a back handspring. “Sit back, swing your arms, and go back. And whatever you do, don’t be afraid of the ground.” Should be easy enough, Brooke thought to herself. I mean, it’s not like I could seriously injure myself. 

“I’ll help you the first few times, and then you can try it alone.” Ruthie stepped off the mat. Brooke faked a smile and allowed Ruthie to spot her. “Go ahead, now.” She nudged Brooke onto the mat so she could d it alone. By now she was terrified. How does Ruthie do this?!

She tried to focus and do everything Ruthie said to do. So, swing, run, then slide? Wait, no, that’s baseball! Aha! Swing, sit, and launch! Kind of like a rocket. I like that a lot! Brooke the rocket. Ha! Has a nice ring to it. She didn’t realize she was daydreaming until her sister   “coach” waved her hand in front of her eyes. “Are you going to do it, or not?”

“I’m gonna do it!” Maybe… Brooke yelled. She closed her eyes…


 launched herself backwards…

and stuck the landing! 

“WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed. Ruthie clapped excitedly, picked up Brooke’s pom-poms, and started to chant. “Give me a B! Give me a R! Give me an O! Give me another O! Give me a K! Give me an E! Goooooo, Brookie Cookie!” Brooke blushed. “Thanks for helping me, sis.”

“You’re welcome.” 

❤ Aw. Nothing like a good afternoon spent with your sister. XD

This kind of reminds me of my friend-she’s starting gymnastics, and I’ve been helping her practice. I’ve got to say, it’s fun!

Rutvi-out! 😉

She Shoots, She Scores!~an AGPS

Hi! I took these a LONG time ago, and found them today…so here they are. 🙂

It was really sunny when I took this, so I had my friend shadow this picture. 😉 


If you liked this post, comment that these pictures are goals! XD Hahaha omg that was sooo bad 😛 😛 XD

I’ve made like five posts today XD

Signing off for the last time today,

Why Do I Love Gymnastics?


Why do I love gymnastics? I honestly don’t know. I mean,

My coaches push me hard.


I come home from practice sore, with scratches and rips.

I’ve fallen about fifty million times.

I’m not the strongest gymnast on my team.

I’ve been yelled at a lot.


I get frustrated when I can’t get a skill.

But I still love it.


Maybe it’s because…

My coaches want me to be successful.

My bumps and bruises show that I’m practicing hard.

Each time I fall, I’m correcting myself.

If I keep practicing, I’ll get better.

Being yelled at makes me realize my mistake.

I love the feeling of satisfaction when I do perfect a new skill.

So, yeah. Gymnastics is one of the hardest sports there is. But I haven’t given up. A few years ago, I would watch in awe as the older girls did backflips and back handsprings and twisted through the air -and they’d land just as gracefully. Now look at me. I’m sure that sounds self centered- but it’s true. I’ve really started pushing myself at practice, and now I can do a kip, a back handspring, sometimes even two in a row, and I’m really close to getting my aerial. =)

I am a gymnast at heart.gymnast

~Ruthie ❤