Ruthie wants to tell you something…..

Hello, world!

It’s a special day!


Anyone know why?

Because TODAY, Buzz About AG hit 100 followers!!!

We’ve been waiting for this day!





So Thank You!

Now for some fun facts:

*Rutvi started her blog on Weebly, then moved it to WordPress.

*Loren was her first follower!

*Rutvi drooled over Brooke in a catalog for months before we finally got her.

I’ll be taking over now. 🙂

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You all deserve cake, hugs, your dream custom doll, and cake. Oh, and did I mention the cake?




First picture I ever posted: Picture

This is one of the first, if not the very first, doll pictures I’d EVER taken with a camera.

First Photostory I ever read: A Magical Encounter in the Woods

I tried to create my own photostory after reading this. But I’d never made one before and I ended up having zero ideas. It turned out to be almost an exact copy of Loren’s photostory. Whoops. I never posted it, but I’ll give you a small part…

It was a normal Saturday afternoon, and I was BORED. I decided to go for a hike. I slung a backpack over my shoulders, and called, ” Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad! See you in a bit!”

Ugh. Embarrassing.

First comment:

(this was on my post Farmer Girl)


February 10, 2016 at 11:51 pm 

Cute! I’ve always wanted some doll overalls.🙂

First follower: Loren @Happy House Of AG

I never thought this would happen so fast, and I’m grateful that I’ve met you-every single one of you, in fact. Not just because you follow my blog, but because you are loyal commenters and supporters. 100 followers. Wow. It’s just insane!

I’ve had some great opportunities since I’ve started this blog. For instance, collabbing with the lovely Meg, Michelle, and Ginnie! Our dollympics posts were a success, and even though I only posted one story (school got hectic, what else is new) it was so fun.

Me and Sam from AG Doll Awesome both hit 100 followers at the same time-how cool is that? We also have a lot of other things in common like fandoms, dolls, clarinet, etc.







MY PARENTS GOT ME AN AG HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, I don’t even know what to say. THANK YOU! Thankyouthankyouthankyou Mom and Dad! ❤ Love you!

I’ve wanted a horse for Saige forever, and know I am SO, SO, SO happy to say that I finally have one!! This was such a huge surprise and I love it sooo much! Do you guys have any name suggestions? Comment them!

What’s that, Saige? Of course I can show them the pictures! DSC04012DSC04017DSC04018 ♥ Look at that face! It’s so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m really excited XDDSC04019DSC04021DSC04022DSC04024Good horse!DSC04025DSC04027How’s that for a new profile pic? 😉DSC04028DSC04029I’m still flipping out. I mean, a HORSE! Yay! Saige is beyond excited and I was super impatient to get her/him out of the box, because it had like a million things holding it in place. I guess it’s ok, though, I wouldn’t want anything to happen to it! A million thank yous to my parents for such a wonderful surprise!

I’m so excited to have this horse in our ‘neigh’borhood!! XD

See ya!


Do you have or want any AG horses?

~Rutvi ❤

Review: Truly Me #59

Hi! Today, I will be reviewing my newest doll, TM 59. She is such a cutie! I tried to put as much detail as possible into this review, so I hope you enjoy! DSC02201.JPG

DSC02209.JPGLet’s start with her facial features. She has light skin, the normal feathered eyebrows, and deep chocolaty brown eyes. (Like Julie’s) Her lips are peachy colored and she looks very innocent. 😉 DSC02211.JPGDSC02213.JPGHer hair is beautiful! It is a light brown color and has natural highlights, though they are not so noticeable as Grace Thomas’s. TM 59’s hair is really soft and I am kind of a perfectionist about it- I hate when it gets messed up. The only downside is that this happens very easily. :/ DSC02218.JPGNow for the outfit! It’s the standard Truly Me meet outfit, a lilac dress with blue flats. DSC02219.JPGThe belt has strands of sparkly gray thread woven in. It ties around the waist, giving the dress a modern look. DSC02225.JPGThe metal American Girl tag is on the bottom right corner. In this photo, you can also see the pinkish tulle with sequins on top. DSC02240.JPGHer underwear is…nothing special. It’s a pinkish color with a white trim. Just something I noticed- my Saige’s underwear has these little things sticking out from the side and looks sort of strange when she wears leggings. These undies don’t really have that, thankfully.

DSC02238.JPGHer left hand feels rougher than any of my other dolls’, and if you look very closely, you can see a thumbprint. It’s hard to tell from this photo, though. I’d also read about this on another blog, when another doll was being reviewed. I think my friend’s Grace doll has this, too, so it might just be the newer dolls. Not all dolls have this, probably. I like her hand, it makes her even more special. DSC02231.JPGHer sparkly blue flats are easy to get on and off and match with tons of other outfits. Well, that wraps up my review! Extra photos: DSC02214.JPGDSC02230.JPGDSC02235.JPGDSC02236.JPGBye!

Oh, and random fact: I got contact lenses! My eyes kinda hurt, I’m still getting used to them, but I’m glad I don’t have to wear my glasses all the time.

~Rutvi ❤

~Brooke ❤

Name The Doll- RESULTS

I’m reeeeally bad at posting things at time, aren’t I? 😛58


Well, the votes are in for Truly Me #58! Her name is…





















The votes were almost unanimous! Only two other people voted for another name! But I love the name Ruby, especially on this doll. (Random useless fact: people who don’t know my name usually call me Ruby and it kind of makes me mad… I mean, there isn’t a single “B” in Rutvi! xD)

Hehehe! Hasta la vista!

~Rutvi ❤

AG Haul+Reviews!

Hey! DSC01837

Hmmm…what could this be? What? What made you guess a package from American Girl? 😉 Oh. The title gave it away, didn’t it? LOL! Well, today I will be reviewing my latest purchases from the AG website. (Thank you, mom and dad!) Just to be clear, I am not trying to brag in any way. Let’s see what I got! DSC01841.JPGOh, and this is the catalog…ok, I’ll stop stalling.DSC01845.JPGMINI FELICITY!! She is so cute! DSC01897.JPGShe comes with a mini abridged version of Meet Felicity.DSC01896.JPG

Her limbs are tight and her head can move. DSC01939.JPGDSC01940.JPGHer dress is a light lavender color and has flowers printed on it. It’s made of some dri-fit kind of material, and is a little stiff at first.DSC01941.JPGHer shoes remind me of Ruthie’s meet shoes. Nevertheless, they are well-made…..but may be hard to get on her feet if you take them off, with her tights and all. DSC01942.JPGI don’t have a single complaint about her copper red hair, which comes tied in a ponytail with a bow. Felicity’s hair is soft, wavy, and bouncy, not to mention that her pincurls are ADORABLE! DSC01944.JPG

Next, I will review the Spring Breeze outfit, modeled by Saige.DSC01923.JPGThe headband matches the whole outfit and has sparkles on it. The sparkles don’t come off. I like that the headband is stretchy, since I’ve had problems with other AG headbands. However, I wouldn’t recommend bending this one, because it’s fragile. DSC01924.JPGThe mesh layover has little diamonds on it. It has strong velcro in the back. The only problem I see is that younger girls might snag the dress, so you have to be careful. It also has a bow tied of to the side. You can’t undo the bow. DSC01928.JPGThe layover off the doll. DSC01925.JPGI just love the sandals. They have the same mesh tied in a bow, and have a silver strap. They aren’t too hard to get on. DSC01926.JPGThe leggings are slightly lighter than the dress. They’re capri length and easy to get on.DSC01930.JPGHere is the dress alone. I’m not a fan of the the metal tag, but I am obsessed with the skirt! DSC01927.JPGThe back- including the layover. I don’t like the way this looks with it in the back, but I’m just being picky. DSC01931.JPGMoving on to Brooke in the Red Hearts Ruffle Dress! I love it so much!DSC01932.JPGIt’s so….PRETTY! This dress has a layer of lighter pink fabric under the patterned skirt, which is semi-visible through the thin top material. DSC01933.JPGCloseup of the pattern. DSC01935.JPGThe strappy sandals have a little heart and are my favorite sandals out of all of mine! DSC01936.JPGThe headband is a simple red ribbon, it’s easy to style your doll’s hair with it on. I like it a lot. 🙂DSC01910.JPGSome of Grace’s things were on sale, so I got her opening night outfit!DSC01922.JPGThe fan-bow thingymabobber is a cotton-candy pink color, like the rest of the dress. While it’s cute, I would’ve preferred it was a bow. DSC01913.JPGThe dress itself is stunning. It would look amazing on any doll! It has sparkles and a few layers of tulle.DSC01914.JPGCloseup of the middle-the tulle is uneven and gets longer until it matches the length of the dress. I like this, however, I know some people are annoyed with it. DSC01919.JPGBack view.DSC01915.JPGI will  be using these sandals a LOT. They are super easy to slip onto your doll’s feet and are really realistic. DSC01916.JPGThe sleeves are transparent and delicate.DSC01917.JPGShe looks so sweet!

Overall, I was very happy with my purchases and would definitely recommend all of them!

Thanks again to my parents, and all of you for reading this super long post!


What items are on your AG wishlist?

~Rutvi ❤

Name The Doll-VOTING

Hello!  ‘member this doll?



🙂 Well, I finally picked out 3 of my favorite names for her and today you will vote for which one suits her best!

Your choices are…

  1. Marlee
  2. Bea
  3. Ruby

Alright, get voting! 😉 Oh, and look for another post coming today!

Name The Doll-Truly Me #58

It’s time for another ‘Name The Doll’! You will be naming this cutie:58.jpeg


#58! She is so sweet! But for now, she is nameless…get commenting!  😉 On March 2, I’ll announce the top 3 names.

Oh, and this is a new blog- you should definitely check it out!

~Rutvi ❤



Name The DOLL-RESULTS+My Opinions on New AG Releases

Are you ready to find out what name won for this doll? Keep scrolling…



I really think it suits her. 🙂 And I didn’t get many people to participate in this game, but there’s always next time! NOW for the “My thoughts” part of this post:

ALL photo credit goes to American Girl.


Rainbow Sprinkles outfit-$30

I think that while this is really cute, (those SHOES!) it looks a lot like Saige’s tunic. It doesn’t help that the doll modeling it looks like Saige, either. But I like that it comes with a hair tie!


Spring Breeze Dress set- $32

Sorry it’s so small! But this dress is SUPER adorable! 🙂 I don’t think the price is bad at all- for $32 dollars,  you can get the dress, leggings, headband, and shoes. The dress looks very well-made. I might get this!


Tennis Ace Outfit-$34

Hmm. I don’t know. I don’t play tennis, so I’m not crazy about this outfit, but it is cute. It looks great on #24!


Ice Cream Cart-$85

Aaagh small pictures… :/ anyways. I love this cart! It has a lot of play value and comes with over 30 adorable pieces! I wonder if the wheels really move…hehe! This is $85-I think it is worth that much.


Striped Sunglasses-$10

I don’t have anything to say about this.


Woven Flower Purse-$10

It’s cute and matches the Spring Breeze Dress set very well, but it’s so small that I don’t think anything would fit in it.


Fun Floral Boots-$16

$16 just for boots that don’t even match anything? Seriously, AG?

I think the new releases are really cute, but there’s so much purple! I mean, purple is my favorite color, but I wish AG had some pink and green stuff, too.

By the way, who’s excited for the Melody Ellison Debut? I am! From her book, it seems like she is very pretty. Any ideas on what doll AG might retire? Tell me in the comments!



Name The Doll

Heeyyyyy! I’m back, insane as ever. 😛 Today, I’m doing my first “Name The Doll”! A lot of other bloggers do this and I thought it would be fun, so here we are. 


You will be naming Truly Me #22! I think this doll is really pretty, but she looks a lot like #27 and #63. Comment as many names for her as you want, and on Saturday I’ll pick my 3 favorites! 🙂