Tutorial: Embroidered Doll Bracelet

Hi! Today I’m going to be showing you how to make an ’embroidered’ doll bracelet like the one Ruthie wears in this post. (Requested by Meg @ Canadian Doll Notebook)

OK! Here we go. 🙂IMG_0361.JPGMaterials:


*Pins (be careful!!!)

*Craft foam in the color of your choice


*Several colors of thread

FIrst, cut a strip of craft foam. That will be the base of the bracelet. Make the strip wide but small. (Mine is approximately 1-2 inches wide and 6 inches long)

Next, pick a design. Don’t go too crazy-make it something simple, like a flower, or a cupcake, like Ruthie’s. I chose a bee, for Buzz About AG. 😉


IMG_0362.JPGThen, thread the needle with the main color thread- or the one you will use the most. So obviously, mine’s yellow. Keep the thread long because you will be making lots of stitches. Set that off to the side.


^Sorry for the blurry picture^

Using a pin, poke holes for the design of your object. I made the bee’s head and body. This will make the sewing easier, so you can follow the holes.IMG_0364.JPG

Like I said, just follow the design you made and sew along those lines. It should look something like this. Hooray! You’re done with the border!IMG_0367.JPGNow  re-thread your needle if needed and fill in all that space. It’s okay if your stitches are a little messy here-it’s not that noticeable. Try to make very small ones, though. I know my bee has a little yellow thing just hangin’ out over there, but I’ll fix it. If at any point during the filling-in process your thread breaks or becomes to small, just cut it off and continue where you left off. IMG_0379.JPGNow for my second color, blue. The bottom wing is messy because it’s hiding my mistake. (But doing a  good job of that, at least!) For the top, I didn’t poke a pattern, (haha, say that 3 times fast :P) I just decided to wing it. LOL

IMG_0384.JPGNow for my favorite part: adding the details! First I added the black stripes-just a few stitches back and forth.IMG_0385.JPGThe eyes are 2 tiny stitches, and the mouth is just a line of small curved stitches. Nothing fancy. 🙂 For the antennae, I did the same thing as I did for the stripes but added a few stitches for the little circle thingy on the top. I really like how it turned out! It’s so cute with its smiling face. One more thing-closing the bracelet. There are several ways to do this. You could…

-Close it with a small paper clip or safety pin

-Use elastic like I did for the cupcake bracelet.

-Use tape

-Use glue dots

I got kind of lazy with this one and just used tape. 😀

And you’re done!

Here are some photos of Brooke wearing it! She looks like a businesswoman. xD


I would really love if you tried this craft! I had fun making it and I know you will too. 😛

Have a lovely day!

~Rutvi ❤

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